The Many Different Types of Cookers

Cookers are becoming a product that consumers spend more and more time looking into. Instead of spending a few hours comparing cookers from a few home retail stores, consumers are realising that it is a much longer process than this. There are hundreds of different types, models, sizes and they all have different functions, so this is truly a slow and steady process.

One thing that can be said about bigger range cookers in comparison to smaller general purpose cookers is that they can be much more functional. Instead of managing to cook a few things at once, range cookers could quite easily accommodate 3-4 meals worth of cooking at a time. Generally the functionality of the bigger range cookers is connected to commercial operations such as cafes, restaurants and even pubs.

The size of these items can vary a great deal. In some cases they can be as small as 90cm, but generally they are around 1.25-1.5M allowing all the features to be fitted in easily. Essentially, these cookers have the likes of an oven, grill (generally of dual format), a burning stove, griddle and even a rotisserie. This allows almost any kitchen related task or meal to be cooked using this item alone.

Range cookers these days are much more technologically advanced in comparison to what was on the market say 10 years ago. Generally, they will feature two different ovens that can be used at the same time; a small and a large one. The smaller oven will generally possess around 30 litres capacity where as the larger ones tend to be around 60 litres in capacity. This can be directly compared to a normal cooker, which will tend to feature a capacity of roughly 4 litres.

The great thing about normal cookers these days is that they offer so much more than they used to. Cookers used to be something that a consumer needed to know how to use, but nowadays the products actually assist individuals when they are cooking meals. The likes of a thermostat indicator and timers alongside temperature settings all help meals get cooked much more efficiently.

Normal cookers can not really be compared directly to the bigger range cookers, simply because they offer different functions. The range versions are designed for commercial purposes; where as the normal items are designed for basic domestic purposes. Remember, most of the features that can be found on one, can be found on the other, so it is worth shopping around.