The Many Different Uses of Ring Binders and Lever Arch Files

We all like to try and stay organised so as to make ourselves look professional and conscientious. When others see that we are organised it imposes a positive impression on them and they may look on us in a better light as first impressions are everything. In business or in our professional lives it is important that you keep all paperwork in the one place and with the use of binders and lever arch files you can do exactly that. The benefits of them are numerous and they are not to be underestimated.

Hard wearing

The protective cover used on a ring binder or lever arch file is extremely hard wearing, so whether it gets stored in your bag or left under a pile of other work on a shelf, it is likely to still keep looking good. This also means that you can use it over and over again.


Paper comes in all different sizes and so do ring binders as you can usually find an A3 ring binder or A5 ring binder which will allow you to store paper sizes different from the norm.


Many binders and files come equipped with a plastic overlay so that you can insert your own artwork inside. You could also state the name of your company and detail the contents inside. The side of the binder or file also usually has a plastic pocket for extra personalisation.


The great thing about binders and files is that they are usually pretty lightweight so it means that you can easily carry them about your person. This is especially useful if you use them for business purposes and need to transport them to meetings and conferences as you can keep them safe and secure in your hands when you need them most.