The Many Uses of a Digital Wall Clock!

There are many uses of a digital wall clock, and many reasons to place them in various areas of your home and office.

First, I will look at the uses. They can be used in the kitchen so that you can time your food preparation effectively. They can be used in the comfort of a bedroom, living room, restroom, or even the laundry room.

Now let's look at the reasons to place your clocks in these areas of your home. First, when you get home from work and you need to cook supper and you wonder what time it is. You walk in your home, and they're in the foyer, you look at the digital wall clock that you hung there yesterday. Well it's only 4:30 PM and you have 30 minutes before your husband gets home. You head straight to the kitchen and begin preparing supper, you have preheated the stove and you're ready to begin baking the chicken. You look at your clock and you notice it is 4:45 PM so you place the chicken in the oven to cook taking note of the time.

Now, you have the chicken in the oven, and you have fifteen minutes to shower before your husband arrives home. You head to the bathroom and prepare for your shower, and it is wonderful, that your husband took the time to hang a new digital wall clock right there in the rest room for your convenience. It is now 4:50 PM and you hop in the shower, when you're done and you get out of the bath you notice that it this now all 4:57 PM, so you hurry to your bedroom to get dressed.

There in the bedroom, you begin to put on the clothes that you have laid out previously. After dressing, you look at the digital wall clock in your bedroom and it this now 5:00 PM, just in time, you run to the kitchen, and you can smell the fragrant aroma of your chicken creation. You know your husband will love the dish; it is his favorite dish, after all.

You hear the car door, and you know your husband is home. He is always home on time, which is why it is so important to you to keep on schedule. He comes in the house and gives you a great big hug, and wonders how you do all you do in your limited time. You'd think to yourself, thank goodness for your clocks.