The Many Uses of Adhesive Tape

Most of us use adhesive tape for one thing; wrapping presents. But little do we realize that our need for tape goes much further than wrapping up a bath set for mum.

Girls, we’ve all had it at one point or another; you’re wearing a strapless dress that keeps slipping down or a backless top that gapes open giving everyone a lovely profile of your chest region. Cue your mates making fun of you for the months to come and you getting a deep rooted fear of all things backless. That’s precisely why they invented Tit-Tape! You simply place it along the edge of the area of clothing you want to stay in place, put the outfit on and there you have it; your clothes will stay in place all night, leaving you with the opportunity to dance your socks off.

In the construction industry adhesive tape is a staple; we might all think No More Nails does the trick, after all in the advert a man is stuck to chair glued to a wall- why would you need an adhesive stronger than that? But tape manages to cover areas that glue has often neglected. For example, you don’t need to hold something in place for 20 minutes while the glue slowly but surely dries. When making conservatories, for example, a tape is placed along the edge of the conservatory roofing sheets; this tape prevents dust from entering but allows moisture to escape.

There are many uses for adhesive tape around the home, for instance if you have wooden or linoleum flooring then you can stick a piece of tape to the feet of chairs’ to prevent scratching the floor if the chair is dragged. Similarly, there is an adhesive tape that has been tailored specifically for stiffening blinds so they won’t sag.

Then there’s one of the most obvious, but often neglected, use of adhesive tape; crafts. Children love making things and are often required to do so at school. Possibly the best tape for craft work for school is masking tape; it’s strong enough to hold together projects but won’t cause anything to rip should you need to remove it. Also, when helping older children with revision techniques, you can use brightly colored tape to indicate pages in books that are significant.

It seems that the need for adhesive tape stretches much further than simply wrapping presents whether you’re trying to prevent your new floor from being scratched or attempting to build Mount Vesuvius, adhesive tape is required.