The Many Uses of the Hammer Tacker

If you were looking for a device that is similar in size and function to a hammer but instead of hitting nails with it you spit staples from it then you would be looking for a hammer tacker. The motion is similar but the results are a little different. This machine is not exactly a staple gun because it is not in the same shape not does it have a trigger that must be pushed for the staples to release. The person working with this tool will instead hit it against whatever surface they want to staple which will cause the staple to expel and lodge in the wall, board, piece of furniture or whatever else you decide to use it with.

These tools come in a variety of sizes depending on the job you want them for. Most of them are lightweight models that can be used with just one hand but as well there are heavy duty models that can be used on just about anything around your house. If you are looking to put new shingles on your roof, put in plywood flooring as you build an addition onto your house or build industrial strength wooden crates a heavy duty hammer taker is the tool you need. These models will likely be made of all steel with a comfort grip handle to make it easier to use. The grip will more than likely be made of rubber to prevent slippage. Smaller models will also have specially made grips and these ones are also likely to be of rubber for the same reason. Working hard can make a person’s hand sweaty and the last thing you want to do is drop this tool on your foot because you do not have a good grip on it.

Other models of the hammer tacker are aimed at different uses. Smaller models can be used to upholster furniture or to lay down carpeting. The staples are easy to find in any hardware store since they are the same as those used for staple guns. This tool can usually be bought in the range of for twenty five to one hundred dollars, depending on the model size.