The Master Key to Success

What is the key to success? To become successful in any area of ​​your life you will need to take action. The very thought of doing something out of the ordinary can seem very daunting to a lot of us, but once the wheels have been set in motion the journey to achieving what you want gets easier and easier.

'You do not have to see the whole staircase – just take the first step.

Martin Luther King.

A Friend of mine has just launched a new business idea in a very short space of time. When I asked him about how he did this, he replied 'it was very easy, I came to realize that if I was to speak with 5 people a day about my business opportunity, then that would be 150 people in a month. And if I was to contact 150 people, then the law of rates will surely give me somebody who would take an interest '.

The problem for him was actually taking the first step, he really had to push himself to get on the phone. Every time he went to make a call he had this really uncomfortable feeling in his stomach and his inner voice would try and talk him out of making the call by trying to convince him that the other person could not possibly take an interest in his business opportunity . In the end he got to the point where he said to himself 'enough is enough' (or words to that effect) pushed through the bad feeling and took action. He then found that as the days passed, the feeling of discomfort was easing more and more and making the calls was getting easier and easier.

The key to his success was that he took action every single day until he reached his goal!

When you take action every day towards what you want, it gets easier and easier to take more action the next day, and the next day and so on and on and on … for instance you would not get up in the morning, get to work and then realize that you are butt naked would you? .. of course not! The reason for this is down to the fact that you have been practicing getting dressed before leaving the house for years and it has become habit.

I am always doing things what I can not do – that's how I get to do them '

Pablo Picasso

If you can apply this behavior to reaching your goals you will be able to master the 'action habit'. Try this … Write down your BIG goals and stick them in a place where you can see them like on your computer monitor or fridge. Take at least 1 action each day which gets you closer to achieving those goals. By doing at least 1 action each day you will create an unstoppable momentum, making it easier and easier to move in the direction you want which in turn will give you the master key to success.