The Medifast Program – How to Deal With Carb Cravings on Medifast

Are you worried about carb cravings during the Medifast diet? Relax! For most dieters using Medifast to lose weight, any carb cravings are normally only an issue during the first three to four days at the start of your diet. After that, mild ketosis kicks in and that should reduce any cravings for the kinds of things that might get in the way of your weight loss, like doughnuts, warm bread and heaping bowls of pasta.

Still, it can’t hurt to have a few tips for getting through those first few days, so here’s how to deal with those carb cravings while on Medifast.

First things first, make sure you have your plans in place for your first few days. Clear the cupboards of any particular foods that are especially troublesome for you and do your shopping for your lean and green meals. Plan ahead and figure out what you are going to eat for your lean & greens and that should help a lot.

Make sure you eat all five Medifast meals per day, but don’t have any of the bars. While the Medifast bars are perfectly appropriate at any time during your diet, if you are particularly concerned that cravings for carbohydrates might make you stray from your intentions, it wouldn’t hurt to leave them alone for now. Just give yourself a few days to settle into the diet before adding them to the menu.

Also, do make sure that you eat all six meals per day, even if you don’t feel hungry. Making sure you eat the right foods at the right time will keep you on track. So be sure to eat your six Medifast meals and your lean and green.

Drink more water and try and space your meals no more than a few hours apart. Drinking at least eight glasses of water every day is an important part of any diet. It will also help curb your appetite. But in addition to drinking water, pay attention to how you space your meals.

With six opportunities to eat each day, it should be easy enough to make sure that no more than three to four hours passes between meals. Try and keep it to three hours and you’ll find that by the time those carbohydrate cravings kick in, it will be time to have another Medifast shake and you’ll be able to settle your appetite.

Now all of this is good advice for the entire length of your diet, but if you pay particular attention to them during your first three to four days with the Medifast plan, it really should make it much easier to deal with any carbohydrate cravings that arise. After that, if you stick to the plan, you likely won’t have to worry about those cravings at all as you continue with the program.