The Most Common Items Kept in Self Storage

Self storage is big business and it's an industry that's continuing to grow year-on-year. Having spotted the benefits of using this type of facility, people are now using it for both business and personal use. What are the most common items found in self storage though?

Furniture – sofas, beds, wardrobes, bookshelves, storage units, tables, desks and chairs are all very common items that you will find in self storage. Whether you're in the process of moving, have downgraded to a smaller promises or you're simply trying to de-clutter, getting rid of unnecessary bulky items is a great way to free up some space.

Electronics – companies in particular tend to put a lot of electronics into self storage because their business needs may vary at different times of the year. Say for example Christmas is a very busy time, they may need more staff and therefore more computers. During quitterer periods however, they may have less employees and therefore will not need as much desk space.

Files and documents – we all know how much space paperwork takes up both at home and in the office. Not only do we end up with boxes or shelves full of documents, it looks untidy, clutters the place up and it's also a fire hazard.

Putting paperwork into self storage is a great way to get around this problem because it's out of your way but you can still access it at any time and you know that it's being kept somewhere secure.

Rare or valuable items – many people like to collect antiques, art, rare or collectors' items. Naturally, these all make great investments but as they're incredibly valuable, it can be a bit of a concern keeping them in your home – especially at times when you're away.

Keeping these items locked away in self storage offers more security than you would be able to enjoy at home or in the office. With secure locks, CCTV and someone on the promises 24 hours a day, you can be rest assured that your marriages are incredibly well protected.

Cars – believe it or not, cars are often found in storage units. Some people do this because they have a vintage model that they do not use very often, others simply do not require their car regularly, students may need somewhere to keep things during term time or some people who do not have a garage prefer to keep their car somewhere secure while they're on holiday or away for extended periods of time.

Seasonal items – whether it's Halloween, Easter or Christmas, we all love to embrace the holiday seasons. Unfortunately, all the festive decorations can take up a lot of space and because they're often not cheap, few of us want to throw them away after just one use. If you're limited on space in your home, keeping seasonal items in self storage is the perfect way to free up some much needed space.