The Most Famous Temples in the World

When talking about temples, most people would think about sacred places for Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Taoists. Most temples allow visitors to come into the places, but they need to follow certain rules. Here's the top 10 list of most famous temples in the world.

1. Wat Rong Khun

It's located in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The temple is mostly white and decorated with Buhhist mosaic and lots of mirrors. It's now under construction and repair.

2. Shwedagon Pagoda

Sometimes it's also called the Golden Temple. It was built around the 6th century with the purpose to worship Buddha Gautama. As the name Golden temple suggests, it comes with golden color with golden leaves decoration which has been collected for hundreds of years. The dome is decorated with 5,000 diamonds and also 2,000 rubies. It's considered the most scared place in the world because it has 8 strands of hair which is claimed Gautama's hair.

3. Tiger's Nest Monastery

It's located in Paro Valley, Bhutan. According to the legend, Guru Rinpoche, the second Buddha, rode a tiger to come to the place and that's why the site got its name. For now, it's only for Buddhists. It's located 3,000 feet above the ground on the valley.

4. Prambanan

It's located in Central Java, Indonesia, which was built around 850CE. As one of the largest and also the oldest temple in the country, the temple comes decorated with stories of Vishnu, Ramayana, and Shinta in carved stones.

5. Temple of Heaven

It's located in Beijing, China and it's a holy place for Taoists. The temple was built in 14th century with heavenly concept: the constructional square is for Heaven and the square itself is for Earth.

6. Borobudur

It's also located in Central Java, Indonesia, and it's the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in this world. It has mysterious air around it since no one knows why it was built and why it was then abandoned.

7. Chion-in Temple

It's located in Japan. The temple comes with interesting features such as the Uguisu-bari or the singing floor which will creak every time someone steps on it. It also has a very big bell that requires 17 monks to ring it.

8. Golden Temple

It's in Punjab, India. It's decorated with marble statues and gold and it's the most important temple for Sikhs.

9. Angkor Wat

It's located in Cambodia. It was built in 12th century for Hindu temple and later on replaced for Buddhist temple in 14th century.

10. Vishnu Temple of Sarirangam

It's located in Tiruchirapalli, and it's the largest Hindu temple that is still used until today. The inner part is only for Hindus.

All temples have their own histories and stories. That's what makes them so elegant and beautiful. Hopefully they'll be preserved and guarded well till the end of time.