The Most Important Birthdays in a Person’s Life

We all would agree that a birthday is typically a day to sit back, relax, and celebrate! For some, every birthday is a special day, regardless of what they do or who they spend it with. Others feel the only way to really enjoy a birthday is to have a huge party where all their friends and family can celebrate with them. No matter the way you celebrate your birthdays there will always be our most memorable days of the year. However, there are just a handful of birthdays that are commonly considered the most important in our lives.

First Birthday- While you really have no choice on birthday decisions made when you are turning one year old, as a parent you have the opportunity make your child’s first birthday amazing. While they might not be able to remember much, the video and the photos will speak for themselves as they grow. To celebrate the first birthday it can be a great way to celebrate if you give them their first cake or cupcake. It is the start of all the years to come, and a great way to celebrate a baby becoming a toddler.

Thirteenth Birthday- For a child, the thirteenth birthday is just one step closer to adulthood. A child is now a teenager and they want to have a little more birthday freedom than they did before. This is their opportunity to be taken a little more seriously and seen as a small step closer to making adult decisions.

Sixteenth Birthday- Primarily for a female, the sixteenth birthday is a step closer to womanhood. For many teens they are obtaining their driver’s license, in some states they can get a job, and many are now allowed to date. Sixteen years is just a little bit away from eighteen, and a teen is going to be sure you don’t forget that.

Eighteenth Birthday- Arguably some will consider their eighteenth birthday to be the most important birthday of their life. This is the day a child legally is called an adult, and life “begins”. While there are many ways to celebrate, the ‘new’ adult is sure excited about the day in general.

Twenty-first Birthday- A twenty-first birthday is the official step into adulthood. This birthday is more about celebrating with adult parties and drinking than any other birthday before or after it. At twenty-one most people are interested in celebrating with their friends and not necessarily their family, keep this in mind if you want to plan a party for your child or family member.

These five birthdays are standard for special birthdays in the average person’s life. Do not be surprised, however, if someone you care about says their favorite birthday is their twenty-fifth, or their thirtieth, or even their sixtieth. There are various reasons why a person may find one birthday to be their favorite over all others, it is a matter of personal opinion, and the experience one has on their birthday is what makes the day special!