The Most Important Golf Skill That is Very Seldom Taught by Most Golf Pros is How to Relax in Golf

You just have to watch a Professional Golfer’s swing to see the importance of knowing how to relax in golf. There are actually two components involved in the process of learning this fundamental. They are both equally important.

The first component is relaxing your mind. The second component is relaxing your body. When your are able to relax physically, you will find that you can hit the ball farther and more accurately. When you are able to relax mentally, though, you will find that you are able to overcome distractions, focus better on the task at hand, and achieve amazing results.

Knowing How to Relax in Golf is the MOST important of ALL SIX of the Golf Swing Basics that help you Play Golf Better.


Being able to have a relaxed or peaceful MIND is the MOST important ability to have while playing the game. Being able to have a relaxed BODY is a byproduct of this ability as well as relaxation exercises before, and even during, a round of golf.

In the Bible, one of my favorite scriptures is Isaiah 26:3 which basically says that in order to have a peaceful (relaxed) mind, you must first have a stayed (or focused) mind that is trusting in a positive result. The mind is relaxed only when we are able to focus on ONE THING at a time. So what must you focus on in order to stay peaceful and relaxed when you are playing golf? The answer is that you must have a progression of things you focus on separately.

First, you focus on the target while you visualize what the path that your ball is going to take as it moves to that specific point on the golf course. But, remember, most of the time your real target is NOT the same point where you intend the ball to end up at (due to wind, slope and course conditions).

Then you must change your focus, for a moment, to be on what the proper club selection is for your intended ball path.

Then the length of your proposed swing must be planned according to what club you selected. Then your proper setup position must be set according to what you have practiced that works best for you. And then, finally, THE BALL when you make your swing (NOTHING else but the ball at this final stage of focus).

Nothing else can cross your mind while you perform each of these tasks of focus, in progression, in order to be relaxing your mind during a round of golf.


Doing stretches before you play or practice is very helpful in knowing how to relax in golf. There are many exercises that you can do before playing a round of golf. A few of them should be done before you tee off on the first hole. Whenever you feel that you are tightening up during a round of golf, these can be repeated at any time.

Have you ever tried to hammer a nail into a board with an extremely tight grip on the hammer? It’s difficult and time consuming isn’t it? By relaxing the grip on the hammer and relaxing your arm and shoulder muscles, you are able to hammer the nail into the board more swiftly and easily.

Well, the same fundamental of relaxing your grip on the golf club achieves the same results in hitting the golf ball farther and with more consistency. Someone should be able to slide the club out of your hands quite easily if you hold it out to them.

Think of your body as a fulcrum for a whip. As a whip becomes thinner and looser the closer you get to the tip, your shoulders down to your hands should be looser and more flexible also. If you watch the swing of golf pros on television, it looks like they are not even swinging very hard. Yet their club head speeds and ball distances are well above the average golfer’s.

In order to relax, it helps to take a deep breath and exhale before and even during your swing. Try not to hold your breath during your swing, as this will tend to tighten your muscles. This principle is used in many sports including martial arts.