The Most Important Golf Terms

Possessing complete knowledge about the terms and conditions related to any game makes playing that game easier. Similarly there are some pre-set golf terms for playing this game which are very important to be known when you are going to play the game. The terms and strategies associated with golf are completely different from other games.

One of the important golf terms is that you play by hitting a golf ball with the help of golf clubs on teeing ground. There is a term called putting area in golf where a hole is found and ball comes here traveling along fairways after being hit. Basically the prime target in golf is hitting the ball into hole in as few attempts as you could do. It shows that a golf player need to complete hole in fewer stroke by hitting the ball using golf club from teeing ground into the hole in putting ground. Thus the golf term which is important in it is to hit ball from golf club as little times as you can do in getting it from teeing ground to putting ground. A complete round of golf contains a play of eighteen holes. It means you have to reach golf ball into the hole for eighteen times.

Normally, there are two ways of playing this game in golf terms. In one type of match play, depending upon the holes lost and won, winner of game is declared. In another type of match play, which is known as stroke play, winner is one who completes the whole round with minimum number of strokes.

Apart from it there are some more golf terms related to it, which are as follows-

  • When the golfer is going to make stroke, then avoid talking close to him/her, because it might harm you.
  • You should make your full efforts to play when all players in group are already out of way.
  • Do not delay in playing and try to leave as early as possible along with other members of your group.
  • Before starting count your golf clubs because you are not allowed to take more than fourteen golf clubs.
  • Always ensure well that you are teeing off in front of the tee markers. In match play in case, your tee off is a bit of outside the area then you might be asked to repeat it without any penalty. But if you are playing match play then in such case you have to bear two-stroke penalty.
  • When your ball is lying in a water hazard or banker then you should first complete your downswing then only touch the water or the bunker.
  • Always strike the ball well instead of resorting to spooning the ball or pushing it.

Thus by following these golf terms you can successfully play golf.