The Most Important Thing to Do When Fire Breaks Out

Fire can destroy almost everything from your home to your family. Fire can easily spread so quickly that it is almost impossible for you to get out once it has started. Luckily, you can have your home fireproof but it will also cost you a lot. For those who can not afford having a fire safe home, these measures will help you guide you and your family to safety.

The most important thing to do when a fire breaks out is to get out of the area. So, always know where to go out when fire happens. Know where the fire exits are or in case you are inside your home, know where you can get out as quickly as possible.

A house can completely burn down in a matter of minutes and while it is still burning, you can still be inside trying to get everything out. If you do this, you might end up burned inside. Forget everything and get out of the house as quickly as possible.

Check the doors to see if there is smoke coming out of the sides or under. If it does happen, stay away or you might be exposed to backdrafts or worse explosions. Try another exit if you encounter one.

Drop to the floor is the room you are in is consumed by smoke. You will breathe less smoke when you drop to the floor. You can then take your time to crawl on your knees and elbow as you breathe heavily.

If you find yourself trapped, find a way to call for help. Break any window and yell for your life. If you still have time, call for 911 and ask for help right away.

When the odds are against you, try looking for some sheets and cover the door to prevent smoke from getting inside. Break any windows so that neighbors can see that smoke is coming out from your house and they will be able to call for help.

Always prepare a plan of action within your family. Practice drills and how you can stop a fire from happening. You can gather the entire neighborhood and have a firefighter teach you how to stop a fire from happening.

Keep your thoughts together when a fire tragedy happens. You might not know it but your overall calm approach to things that may take your life is the only way for you to survive the entire endeavor.