The Most Important Types of Wood Used in Wide Plank Flooring

When your house demands a brand new look, you should offer it the best. There are various types of plank flooring: antique flooring, exotic flooring, domestic flooring etc. over a dozen of variety of grades, widths and lengths are offered by many producers of plank flooring. This is how you get the warm and the special atmosphere in your home, with a unique, natural and fashionable floor.

Firstly, before you order any kind of floor, take into account that the planks may contents very infrequent know swirls and may have minor color and grain variation. All floorings are guaranteed against manufacturing defects: unsound material, defective milling, improper moisture content.

Secondly, next you have a small description of some types of flooring.

The antique wood flooring provides a unique patina and character that only years of use can provide. This type of flooring is made from different species. The antique American chestnut is the dominant species in the American hardwood forests; it is very rare. The antique white pine is typically found in New England homes as wide plank flooring; the tree is tall and strong. Another one is the antique yellow pine which is typically found in agriculture buildings in New England, it is primarily composed of Northern hard pine species and it makes a durable floor.

Another type of flooring is the domestic flooring. This wide plank flooring product is one of the most popular and economical products. Hard maple makes for a beautiful, strong floor. It has been used in bowling alleys and basketball courts. Cherry is a fine grained wood as it displays a deep lustrous look. Walnut has a heartwood that ranges in color from light to chocolate brown. It is a fine grained wood, with curly and burly figure.

The last type of wood we present you is the exotic one. Most of the exotic hardwood floors offered are extremely hard and durable. Santos Mahogany is a consistent dark reddish brown color, the rich deep dark red color adds warmth and glow to your floor. Peruvian walnut is a relative of the black walnut found in the United States. The Brazilian Oak is found in Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil and Venezuela. It has color and grain qualities similar to domestic oak.

Of course, this are not the entire list of types of wood the producers offer you, however these are the most important. Choose carefully, and keep in mind the exact look and feel you are going for.