The Most Popular Front Door Material Options

The entry door to your homeought to be inviting and beautiful. The front door that you choose for your home can actually determine the general appearance of your home and hence it helps to make all considerations when making your selection. Apart from thinking about the size of the door, the design, aesthetic features and security features on the door, you should also think about the appropriate material for this important door. Usually the choices made are a matter of preference, but it helps to know the options you have and the pros and cons of each so you can make a wise decision in the end.


It is the most common, beautiful and versatile material you can select for the front door but it is not maintenance free. When you choose this material, you must think about keeping the wood protected from moisture damage and also regularly repainting works and such repairs every once in a while. Solid woods make heavier beautiful woods and they can be expensive compared to those made with laminates and plywood. Compared to other door materials, wood is generally a more expensive option and requires more maintenance, but its timeless beauty really can not be compared. Wood doors are very appealing and create a traditional warm feel to any home.


This material mimics real wood and it can be designed in a variety of ways to get you beautiful fiberglass doors. The best thing about this material is that it has very few requirements as far as maintenance goes compared to wood. This material does not contract or expand due to weather changes like wood does and it makes it hard for intruders to penetrate. It makes an amazing choice for this in humid harsh climates. You can have it stained to match walnut, cherry and oak wood varieties hanging on what finish you find most appealing for your entry door.


If you are thinking about durability and security, then this is the perfect material to consider for your front door. It forms a stronger intruder barrier than wood and fiberglass and it does not warp or crack. Repairing dents or any dings is also very easy and you can have the door designed beautifully to add a stunning touch to your home. Steel doors that come coated with baked on polyester finish may need repainting periodically, but the material is generally low maintenance. There are so many styles and designs you can choose from depending on the feel or style you want to give to your home.


It is lightweight but durable enough to serve your home for years to come. Doors that come with enamel finish that is baked on rarely need repainting and you will not have to worry about rust. The material is easy to work with and since you can choose from dozens of styles depending on what you find most suitable for your home. Today it is actually very possible to find aluminum doors that have wood grain finishes that eliminate the cold metallic feel of your door.