The Most Reliable Trucks for Carrying Timber & Allied Products

For any construction site, delay in the arrival of materials can hamper the operations. It is imperative that companies make use of dependable vehicles. Transportation of timber is an important activity in the construction industry, and thus it requires a durable and reliable truck. Traversing through dense forests and muddy tracks, timber trucks should be fully adept at carrying the heaviest of loads in severe environments & conditions. Hence, while purchasing a vehicle, one should look out for a carrier having a robust chassis with high ground clearance, which would ensure a safe driving experience on long distances. Other aspects to consider include perfect visibility, excellent maneuverability, easy entrance access, remarkable pulling power, and sufficient mirrors. Listed below are a few timber trucks that promise great performance as well as efficient transport operations:


Revered as an all-rounder by its manufacturer, the MAN TGS is a reliable, safe, and economical vehicle. While the high-torque Common Rail Engines offer low fuel consumption, the MAN TipMatic automatic gear shift relieves the driver of the strain of shifting gears, and safeguards the vehicle from damage. Then there is the twelve-speed MAN TipMatic semi-automatic gearbox, which provides supreme comfort and efficiency. The innovative MAN PriTarder aids in enhancing driving safety, by rendering high braking output of 600 kW, even at low driving speeds. Adept at handling almost 90% of all braking operations, this technique provides safety, particularly when the vehicle runs on construction sites.

Volvo FMX

Bragging of a robust exterior, groundbreaking steering system, and a great suspension, the Volvo FMX performs amazingly on rough terrains and tough working conditions. Powered by an 11/13 litre diesel engine pumping out 330 to 480 hp, this next-generation construction truck is available in 4×2, 4×4, 6×2, 6×4, 6×6, 8×2, 8×4, and 8×6 configurations. Other features include I-shift gearbox, Volvo patented dynamic steering, air-suspended rear-wheel installation, hydraulically steered multi-axles, towing device, advanced driver support system, and contemporary instrument cluster. Further, the front axle facilitates the carriage of big logs of timber.

TATA SE 1613

This 16 ton 130 HP truck derives its power from a Tata 697 engine. With a ladder type heavy duty riveted & bolted chassis, this vehicle can run at a maximum speed of 102 kmph. The semi-forward design, optimized driveline, and full air S-cam brakes add to the safety features of the carrier. Other specifications include power steering, 490 Nm of torque, 6 speed gear box, cowl & cabin options, and much more.

Of course, there are several other vehicles that offer excellent solutions for transporting timber and allied products, but the ones mentioned above score well in terms of reliability. Capable of covering local, regional, and even long haul transportations, these timber trucks play an indispensable role in the growth and success of the construction business.