The Movie "Pretty Woman" and the Law of Attraction

Pretty Woman is the movie that made the brilliant Julia Roberts, famous. It is an excellent movie to discuss the Law of Attraction. What one focuses on, EXPANDS and everything that comes to us, we attract through our EMOTIONS, or often called, our VIBRATION. Julia plays the role of Vivian, a woman who is prostituting in order to make enough money to pay her bills. She lives with Kit another prostitute. Right from the start of the movie, it is clear that Vivian so WANTS more in her life.

The concept of WANTING is integral to the teachings of the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Everything that we WANT (or ask for) is always given, ASK AND IT IS GIVEN. In order to receive that which we ask for, we must get into high positive emotion and trust and know that it will come forth.

In the beginning, Kit has just used their rent money to pay a pimp and Vivian is furious. When Vivian confronts Kit, Kit says, “don’t irritate me,” Vivian responds by saying angrily, “irritate you, irritate you, I just saw a girl being taken out of a dumpster, don’t you want to get out of here! This sets the audience knowing that she believes there is much more for herself in life and that her present situation is temporary in her mind.

Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) is an unhappy very rich man, who is, as he states, “screwing” people for money. He is introduced by not having a good time at his own party. He decides to leave in his lawyer’s car and go back to his hotel. As he is driving past the spot where Vivian and Kit are hustling that evening, he is having trouble driving the Lotus Supreme that he has borrowed. Vivian just happens to know a lot about cars and as she approaches him to solicit him as a customer, she offers to show Edward the way to his hotel for $20. One can see her fiesty nature in this exchange. She has a confidence that is strong and she speaks with clarity.

Edward invites her up to his penthouse suite. At first, she is only going to stay an hour, then the evening and then Edward invites her to spend the week with him for $3000. “I will pay you to be at my “beckon call” for the whole week, he declares. For both of them it is a business venture. Their romantic relationship begins the first night.

Their first evening together, Edward works all night. In the morning Vivian says,”You don’t sleep, you don’t drink, you don’t do drugs, what do you do Edward? “What do you do?” she asks. “I buy companies and sell them, then, I break the companies up into pieces and sell them parts off. Parts of a company are worth more than the whole.” Vivian then comments that he actually does not sell anything or make anything. This begins the process for Edward of being more conscious of what he actually does. It creates a dissonance inside that was not evident before. Where is the meaning for him in what he does?

Vivian’s entrance into the world of wealth and beautiful things that she has been WANTING, begins. She is given money by Edward to buy clothes and jewelry, that transform her into an even more gorgeous woman. The whole week is filled with activities that only people with money enjoy. Her ease into abundance clearly shows that she has already been seeing herself as abundant. It has been part of her plan for a long time.

The understanding that something never just come forth into one’s experience, it has been “being manifested” for a while in one’s mind and emotions. This is how the Law of Attraction works, everything is created in thought first before it manifests.

In the beginning, Barney, the hotel manager, sees Vivian walking through the hotel dressed as a prostitute. He calls her into his office to scrutinize her for her “inappropriate behavior.” He elicits her frustration during this meeting because she has just been denied service in some clothing stores because of how she is dressed. Being moved by her distress, he calls his good friend, Bridget, who works at a women’s clothing shop. Bridget is kind and relaxes Vivian, as she assists her in outer beauty transformation.

As a viewer, seeing Vivian’s transformation happen so quickly is exhilarating. It shows her confidence and her self-esteem bloom.

Edward Lewis’ unethical and unkind business practices show themselves at the dinner with Mr. Morris and his grandson David. Morris, another business man is in financial difficulty and has to sell his company, even though he does not want to let it go. Mr. Morris and David both abruptly leave the dinner early because they are so upset with Edward’s practices of tearing up companies and selling the pieces and mostly his arrogance.

Later that evening, Vivian says, “I think you like Mr. Morris.” She begins to become his conscience. Edward has obviously not been feeling good about his work because he is quick to dismiss her. He replies, the truth is, it is really totally irrelevant whether I like this man or not, I will not let myself get emotionally involved in business, insists Edward”

Vivian shares “when I’m with a man I just stay numb, I don’t get involved……I don’t get emotional when I am turning tricks, I don’t kiss on the mouth. When I’m with a guy, I’m like a robot, I just do it.”

Edward replies, “You and I are such similar creatures Vivian, we both screw people for money.” His realization that he has attracted someone with similar vibration is clear. Also, his discontent about who he is increases. Edward’s transformation and new desires begins as Vivian heightens his awareness of what he does for money It is clearly beginning to trouble him. As well, his affection for Vivian is becoming stronger.

One evening at a polo event that he takes Vivian to, Edward ends up telling Stucky, his lawyer, that Vivian is a hooker. Stucky makes a very unkind remark to Vivian, when they are alone and Vivian is furious with Edward. Her anger is refreshing and empowering for her and here Edward realizes that he has crossed a line that is unacceptable. Just before she is about to go into the elevator to leave the apartment, he comes and apologizes to her, promising never to do something like this again, admitting, “it was stupid and cruel. He also admits he was jealous of her talking with David Morris.”

“You hurt me, DON’T do it again,” she firmly states. After this encounter, they begin to gain a much better understanding of each other and their love begins to blossom. Vivian shares how she got into being a hooker and comments that “if people put you down enough, you start to believe it.” He replies,”I think you are a very bright, very special woman.”

Obviously, they both have been asking for a love relationship of great significance because they have attracted each other. It is fun to watch the unfolding of their love. I like the humor, mixed with affection that is displayed.

Edward begins to soften into who he really is, behind the tough business man façade. He starts to play, have fun, be light and fall in love with Vivian. And at the next business meeting with Mr. Morris he invites him to go into business together and build ships with him. “I know longer wish to buy your company and take it apart and I find myself in unfamiliar territory, I want to help you!” Mr. Morris says “I am proud of you” to which Edward replies, thank you.”

It is clear that Edward is moving into his true self, the loving, kind and powerful man he truly is. Vivian has inspired him into his kindness. The day before their deal is up, Edward says “I’d really love to see you again. I’ve arranged to have an apartment and a car and some money and any number of other things arranged for you.” It is then that Vivian reaches clarity and shares her dream of what it is that she really WANTS. “I want to be loved by a handsome prince, I WANT the whole package, the house, the white picket fence, the husband, everything. She realizes that she will not settle for less than the entire dream.

In a conversation with Kit, who came to the hotel to visit her, Kit realizes that she has fallen in love with Edward. In their conversation, the the only person that they can think of that it has fully worked out for is “Cinderella.” They both laugh. In the last scenes Vivian says to Edward “you made me a really nice offer and now everything has changed, you changed that and now I WANT more.” Edward replies “I know about wanting more, I invented the concept. The question is how much more.” Vivian says “I want the fairy tale.”

Edward says “impossible relationships.” Vivian leaves saying to him “I think you have a lot of special gifts.” This is a wonderful moment where one realizes that even though he has all the money, it is not what really matters. This is not what brings true happiness and joy.

When Edward gets driven to the airport with the same driver who drove Vivian home the day before, he ends up stopping to buy flowers and then asks the driver to go to Vivian’s with opera music blaring in the background. Vivian hears the music and as Edward climbs up the steep stairs to her apartment with the flowers in his mouth and says, “so what happened after he climbed up the tower and he rescued her,” she replies, “she rescues him right back.” A statement expressing her own self-confidence and sense of empowerment and clarity on exactly what it is she WANTS, having been willing to lose it all with Edward if the whole dream was not in place.

Two people are now in alignment with Source Energy and their deepest desires. Both Julia Roberts and Richard Gere do a wonderful job in this movie. Their acting is exquisite. The LAW OF ATTRACTION is the process of desire, reaching for that which is WANTED and then calling it forth with our thoughts and emotions, until it feels right to act from inspiration. I delight in how the movie makers here have created such a great story.