The Multi-Tool is a Very Nice Tool to Have

The Multi tool is a very nice tool to have. It fits in your pocket and can help with a lot of different things. From knives, to pliers, and even screw drivers. It is very handy to have around and there are many different makers of these multi-tools. Swiss army knives are considered multi tools, as well as the leatherman, and Gerber tools. The tools in these pocket knives can very from a nail file to a can opener.

Leatherman is one of the most known maker of these multi-tools but there are many more manufacturers of these tools that are not known for them. Like Coleman, Gerber Legendary Blades, Schrade SOG knife, the makers of the Swiss army knives, and Kershaw knives. Buck knives also makes a knife that is some what similar to the Swiss army knife and if of very good quality. These tools can fit in your pocket, or you can wear them on a belt if they come with a little pouch.

Tools that might be included in any of these multi-tool are well the obvious knives, tweezers, toothpick, nail file, or any other sort of file, scissors, cork screw, Magnifying glass, pliers, and wire cutter. Some also might come with tools for specific activities like hunting, fishing, or golf and others. The daddy of the multi-tool is Leatherman. Its name has become the trademark for the tool.

In the future we are seeing many other pocket knives manufactures get into the game. Manufactures such as Spyderco and (CRKT) or other wise known as Columbia River Knife and Tool. These tools will not look like any of the multi-tools we have seen in the past. They will look completely different but are sure to come in handy. Wenger is also trying to combine the Swiss army knife and the Leatherman multi-tool in to one. By taking the best of both I am sure it will be a great end result.