The Necessity of a Compass As Boat Equipment

The boat equipments are essential tools that are a prerequisite for an ideal journey. Directions are required in all lifestyles. The compass is the boat equipment, which helps us to show the direction where we are sailing. Plastimo, a leading compass manufacturer, is considered as the No. 1 in the world in manufacturing compass to ensure a safe journey.

Prior to the purchase of boat equipment, it is essential to establish what exactly your actual requirement is. It is first to be diagnosed the nature of your boating equipment required. If your interests happen to be day sailing, cruising, passage making, you may select a right card balanced for your proposed geographical destination.

A larger compass will be required if it is required to view from a distance. It is advised to use a compass as a boat equipment which can be read from a distance. It is essential that you pay heed to the color and design of the compass to ensure its compatibility with the boat.

You must ensure that for proper use of the compass as boat equipment, it is essential to have the right card. A flat card is read on the back edge while a conical or cylindrical card is read from the front and top of the card.

==> The compass, boat -equipment needs to be properly installed on the boat.

Flushmount on Horizontal surface

Flushmount on Vertical or Inclined Surface which is often referred to as blackhead compass or dashboard compass


Binnacle for steering wheel

Mini Binnacle



On Fixing bracket.

A query that exists in the mind of the customers is whether the compass needs to be compensated. On consideration of the fact that you are using it primarily as a navigation tool, it is important to have it compensated. It is to be understood that magnetic interviews on the boat affecting this boat- equipment can occur due to usage of electronic equipment like loudspeakers and engine.