The Need For Constant Self-Development For Lecturers In A Fast Changing Knowledge Discovery Globe

Instructing students in a fast changing world of great knowledge discovery require constant revision of instructional materials, instructional methods, and instructional technologies. This is very crucial in this technological age where new discoveries are made available on the desks of instructors and students just by a single click. The theories that were accepted in just some few years away have been criticized and/or corrected and as such may need review. Likewise, the discovery of new and proactive methodologies for instructional delivery may also call for a change. Therefore, lecturers must constantly avail themselves to tap these new knowledge discoveries to improve their instructional delivery.

It has been noted amongst some lecturers that they preempt change and fail to dance to the tunes of new developments and change in their various fields. Thus, they use outdated material or content for instructional delivery. As a result, they fail to impart to students new dimensions in the content of the courses they teach, making these students handicapped in the required knowledge in the job market after their education. They become burdens for companies that employ them and they end up becoming tools for mockery. Instructors must therefore constantly research into new dimensions in their field of teaching so that they can abreast themselves with current, up-to-speed information of the course content. A lecturer who is an ardent researcher in his field can even notice and inform the university or department of new reforms in the course s/he teaches so that the topics can be adjusted accordingly to meet the current trends. This would bridge the highly talked of gap that is said to exist between the university courses and the industry or job market. It would also bolster the confidence and respect that students have for such proactive lecturers. This is true because students usually ridicule and talk injuriously about archaic, old-fashioned lecturers who still sit in the dawn of time, smoking the old pipes of knowledge.

More importantly, the method of instructional delivery also changes over time. Today, there are new and effective technologically driven applications that makes instructional delivery very interesting and refreshing. Also, there are new dimensions in instructional delivery which a good lecturer must be abreast with. Many of these methodologies and paradigms of instruction are offered during workshops, seminars, and conferences for higher education and instructional delivery. Lecturers must constantly avail themselves for such avenues of enlightenment so that they can personally develop and play their roles as instructors effectively. It is true that some educational institutions may not sponsor the attendance of all these programs of personal development. However, a serious-minded lecturer would make it a point to attend every self-development program with or without external sponsoring. It greatly pays to personally finance these programs that heighten and hone the instructional delivery and methodologies of lecturers.

Of course, personal development must be at the heart of every lecturer in educational institutions. Aside from the personal benefits, individual lecturers would earn from the constant self-development avenues, it would ultimately ensure national development. This is due to the fact that the university communities would make available what the society actually needs- well-nourished graduates with current and practical knowledge for the job markets in the ever-changing world of knowledge discovery.