The New Construction Methods

The development of new construction methods evolved together with the new materials, it is not possible for its development if it is not associated with it. For example, large glass panels could not have been used in the eighteenth century even if they had been available. No large-span lintel-support back then. Both new materials and new methods are developed to be able for the architects to be free to design. Present day structures are usually a combination of old and new skeleton-frame, curtain wall and cantilevered construction are good examples of old post-and-lintel.

The skeleton frame is one of the first methods developed. It employs modern materials. It is an open frame to which a wall covering is attached. The frame is the primary support and the covering is the shelter. It became popular because it is light, strong and usable. It is common in family dwellings. Steel-cage construction is a skeleton frame using steel for the skeleton.

The shapes are the architectural restrictions of shapes, such as square, cube, triangle, octagon, pyramid, pentagon, circle, and sphere used by most architects. This has come about with the development of materials that are stronger, lighter, and with many uses.

The sizes are the advances of sizes to a size greater then ever before. Sears Tower, tallest building in Chicago, but as technology develops even more buildings can increase to sizes previously thought impossible. Who can say what will be possible?

The location is the architect choosing, because design is not just its enormous size but also locations unthought of years ago. The advances in architectural and engineering will make more possible and workable locations.

The components are constructed piece of a building, it is the parts or sections made in advance. The use of components allows the builder to construct away from the site. Some examples of components are, assembled windows, trusses, or molded bathrooms.

The future of construction of buildings is related to new materials, new methods, and sociological changes because people live in a different society. Developments of new materials and methods of construction restrict the builders of traditional materials and methods.