The New Dishwashers

When dishwashers were introduced in the markets for the first time, there was general apathy or aversion among the consumers who considered the device as an avoidable thing in the household. Many of them were apprehensive that yet another machine will make their kitchen more crowded. Further the earlier crude versions of dishwashers were bulky and noisy and such factors contributed towards the negative attitude of the consumers. Consequently market penetration of dishwashers was a slow and tardy process.

But things changed soon. Having understood the reasons for consumer reluctance to accept dishwasher as an efficient tool, the manufacturers effected radical changes in the design and construction of the machines. The size of the machine and the intolerable noise level were the major irritants in the early models and these two problems were promptly addressed. Modern machines are compact and space saving devices. Noise level was brought down to permissible limits. Progressively many other innovative features are being incorporated to make it more consumer friendly. Latest models of dishwashers are completely automatic with touch control facility.

They are programmable and users can pre-set a program depending on the nature of the job. Dishes with normal level of residues or stains can be subjected to mild wash saving time and energy. But those with stubborn crusts may need intensive wash. Rinse & hold, Mild wash and Intensive wash are the different modes of cleaning that can be chosen according to the requirements. Quick wash can be opted at times of urgency. Pre-set machine with the help of auto sensors will wash all types of dishes without manual monitoring. The quality and temperature of water will be monitored automatically and will be changed whenever necessary. Automatic temperature adjustment is also done. Users can program the machine to start washing during periods when energy tariff is low. Once the machine is loaded with dishes and program is chosen, the process of washing will commence at specific time when energy tariff is lowest, availing the non-peak hour concession.

By switching on automatically during non-peak hours, the device helps to save energy charges. The residual heat after every wash cycle will be utilized to heat water in the reserve chamber. This water when heated to the required temperature will be used for another wash cycle. Residual heat is also used for drying washed dishes. Modern machines are equipped with necessary mechanism to detect water flooding within the machine. Due to the high temperature and humidity in the machine there are possibilities of pipe bursts when used continuously. But sensors will detect water flooding and make the dishwasher stop automatically. Water can be drained off and pipe burst or other problems can be attended. Energy and water efficient dishwashers are now available in the markets. With controlled noise levels they are now eco friendly products.

The consumers are advised to follow instructions contained in the user’s manual supplied along with the machines. Proper maintenance is essential for the durability of the dishwasher. Periodical cleaning to remove residues and deposits formed within the machine is very necessary. There are websites exclusively dealing with dishwashers. Consumers can have valuable information and guidance regarding the sale and service available in the markets.