The New Sony Xperia P – An Introduction To Design And Display Technology

In January 2012 Sony announced details of the Xperia S, the first smartphone that the company is set to release without the help of Ericsson, the manufacturer who they have developed numerous devices with over the past decade. Sony have been quick to add further models to the new Xperia range and the latest handset to be confirmed is the new Sony Xperia P, a mid range device designed to offer more features than the entry level Xperia U at a more wallet friendly price than the flag Xperia S. We take a look at design and screen technology on this brand new model.

One surprising aspect of the design on the new Sony Xperia P is the material from which the body is constructed. The models that sit above and below this new handset in the range are constructed from a plastic material but this device offers a very attractive aluminum body. A single piece of this material is used to make the neatly curved back panel while the screen that dominates the fascia is made form Gorilla Glass, a new type of glass that is much more durable than traditional types and therefore perfect for use on a device such as this. This model makes uses of a large 4.3 inch screen which means that handset is larger than the Xperia U device. The dimensions of the model are 122 x 59.5 x 10.5mm and the phone weighs just 120 grammes. One feature that this new handset does have in common with its sibling devices is that it incorporates a striking transparent band benefit the screen. This band houses a series of LED bulbs which illuminate to notify you when you receive incoming calls and texts. This is very different to what any other mobile device currently offers and it will divide many consumers with some loving the extra appealing while others will view it as an unnecessary addition.

In terms of screen size the Sony Xperia P sits nicely between the Xperia U and S with its impressive 4.3 inch display. This puts the phone in direct competition with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the screen technology present on this device specifically helping it to impress more than many of its rivals. The screen is capable of displaying a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels which equates to a pixel density of 275PPI. This standard of screen is also known as qHD and Sony have added some technology of their own to ensure that it can display the highest quality of image possible. This technology is known as WhiteMagic and Sony report that it helps the phone to deliver a brighter image than any other mobile display currently on the market. This helps the screen perform very well in sunlight which is an area where many smartphones can experience problems.

The new Sony Xperia P completes a very impressive new range of phones from Sony. The model benefits from an attractive metallic finish and offers a great display that features the excellent new WhiteMagic technology.