The Ongoing Bottled Water Controversy – Use Plastic Bottles Or Tap Water For Consumption?

Bottled water is constantly creating a lot of controversy and there are two clear sides to the story: those that swear on the bottled water and those that are all for tap water. Among the second group are the environmentalists that say that plastic bottle is not environmentally friendly.

The truth is, it is very convenient to consume bottled water every day. It is easy to have it around, even if you're on a stroll outside, just buy a one portion bottle at any local store and you can easily quench your thirst. I do not think that anyone likes filling a plastic bottle at home with tap water and dragging it along throughout the day in case they are thirsty. It is much easier to pop in a local store or supermarket and simply buy a small bottle that is fresh, cold and ready to be consumed. We are all living in a very convenience oriented society and let's face it, being able to pick up a bottle anytime anywhere is very convenient to all of us.

Also it is true that the bottled water tastes much better than the tap water. It tastes more refreshing somehow, everybody can attest to it. Also it tastes in a consistent way. If you buy a brand of water in Europe or in the US, you know the exact taste of what you're getting, there are no surprises there. Try to taste water from the tap in various countries and you'll be surprised by the differences in taste.

Also if you have to drink something for calming your thirst, it is much better to buy fresh and cool water than one of those sodas or drinks that are full of sugar and calories and are not very healthy in the first place, particularly when it comes to children.

On the other hand, there is no reason for a controversy in the first place. There is no reason for bottled and tap water to not coexist happily together. You can get the bottled water for outdoors, while using tap water at home where you can also save money in the process.