The Opportunity Lesson

An opportunity is a chance or an opening in which we might be compelled to take some kind of action or make a move towards something we desire. We are provided with many opportunities doing our daily activities. We will normally only act or take opportunities which are familiar to us. Opportunities provide us with a chance for change because taking opportunities brings a door towards greater growth.

The more we look for opportunities, the more openings we will find. Looking for
Opportunities will give us more chances for greater change to take place in our lives.
Seeing a greater number of opportunities will help us to take the best course of action.
So, it is our job to be aware of our many doors of opportunity that present themselves.

When opportunities presents themselves to us, we must first evaluate the risks involved. If some people have determined the risk is to high; They will hesitate to take that particular opportunity. If an opportunity presents little risk to exposure or harm, we will actually move in such cases. Everyone has a different risk level during their evaluation process. We must all evaluate the risk that we are willing to take for our own selves.

Our solutions have to be seen in the opportunities that life gives us. We often look to see what will be the end result of certain opportunities. Even though, sometimes the end result of an opportunity can not be seen; It can only be perceived. We may decide that the chance is still worth the risk. The more opportunities we see in life, the more end results we can be perceived.

Opportunities require that we make or take some action to activate the process. We
Can think about opportunities all day long, but if we take no action in this process, the opportunities in life will continue to pass us by. We need to have the strength and fortitude to make the required actions or movements. If we have no strength, than we have no action. The optimum situation is for us to have the strength to make the necessary action towards our many life opportunities.

Opportunities are something that we all have to watch for in life. We have to realize that there are varying degrees of risk in all opportunities. We need to have the drive to move forward when our chances appear. Too many opportunities in life pass us by; We have to be ready for opportunities' call. We must make the best out of every opportunity. Our opportunities are similar to the wind, ever changing and ever present.