The Owens Corning System – Or Something Like It

If you want to install mold proof panels in your basement, but you’re looking for a cheaper solution than products from Owens Corning, well, then, the only thing to do is look for basement finishing wall partions similar to Owens Corning System that retail at a lower cost. Paneling can be a great solution if you have a large basement and want to create separate areas designed for different purposes. If you’d like to further cut on costs, you can try installing the panels yourself, in which case you’re going to need a system sold for DIY enthusiasts. Basement finishing wall partions similar to Owens Corning system are often simple to assemble and don’t really call for the seasoned assistance of a professional contractor for their installation.

Basement finishing wall partions similar to Owens Corning system can be easily installed with only the most basic modicum of home DIY skills. Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to take the cautious, tortoise-versus-hare approach, and take measurements at several locations in the basement, since your basement, having not been intended as an orderly living space to begin with, may not exhibit a uniform distance between walls, or between the floor and the ceiling.

The Basement Tuxedo from Advanced Basement Products is a system designed by professionals in waterproofing. It is another modular wall system that comes in several colors but which can be painted (unlike the Owens Corning system). The panels incorporate a dense, closed-cell foam that provides insulation. The panels can be easily joined through a removable taping system. The Basement Tuxedo offers a look that’s a bit more comfortable and home-like, compared to the Owens Corning system, which hold to a more formal, office-style aesthetic.

Basement Systems Inc also offers basement finishing wall partions similar to Owens Corning System in their Total Basement Finishing system, which utilizes a wall panel design made from closed-cell foam insulation. Accompanying products in their lines include floor and ceiling tiles designed to be used for simple, quick renovation projects. Their wall panels are affixed to floor panels in sufficiently rigid a fashion that they’re capable of standing on their own. They consist of a central, solid concrete board, two and a half inches of hard foam insulation and a vinyl surface, which is washable. It’s easy to carve up the space in your basement with these durable, attractive panels.

Nutech Basements offer cheaper products than Owens Corning, but have a much smaller range when it comes to floor tile and ceiling styles. If you’re primarily interested in wall partitions, however, take a good squizz through their product range and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

Champion offers a basement conversion system that utilizes vinyl attachments to secure it to your walls. The panels are fabric-covered and provide insulation at the R-13 level, the highest standard on the market, and, actually, superior in technical terms to the Owens Corning system. Installing such effective insulation will help you save on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

All said, it seems pretty evident that basement finishing wall partions similar to Owens Corning system can offer just about everything that the products of the great original Owens Corning brand can (and in some cases significantly more), often at a fraction of the price.