The Path of Illumination

Change is a mythological journey, where we hear the call; go with uncertainty into unknown dangers, until we finally find our way home. You can become what your spirit intended you to be — whole, perfect and free. To free yourself, you must step into the light, be brave and take action. Although you may feel safe in the dark because it is what is familiar to you, the safety is within the light. Where there is light, there is growth. Once you have stepped on the path of transformation, you are well on your way to a new experience. You can no longer deny the growth that is taking place within you. If you do, you will extinguish the growth. You must honor the growth. It is like a growing tree, if you cut the trunk, it will die. If you deny your own growth, you will kill the light within you; the golden light of love, peace, and knowingness. You must stay on the path of illumination.

You are where you are on the spiritual path because of many things you have experienced and learned. You have knowledge. But that is not enough. You must apply that knowledge by taking action and making smart decisions. You can not stand still. You must keep walking on the path, progressing forward. The soul is a manifestation of God's power. Your soul (like all souls) is infinite, with no beginning and no end. Each soul is an important part of the universal plan for humanity's growth and evolution. We all have the responsibility to illuminate and enlighten ourselves. Illumination is the higher state of consciousness. Higher consciousness is the constant, ever-changing awareness of our psychological truth. It is an awareness not only of positive, conscious intent, but also of negative, destructive intent that may lie in consciousness. The spiritual person understands that they must be aware of unconscious attitudes that prevent positive manifesting. They know that in order to create a beautiful, fulfilling life the fears that lie in the unconscious must be brought to the surface, looked at in the light of reason, worked through and dissolved.

The more this process is done the more conscious intent and unconscious intent come to unity. Once unity is achieved it is possible to manifest exactly what one wants. Just as the caterpillar struggles to break out of its comfortable cocoon, stretching itself — getting blood to its wings and body — enabling it to transform itself, you have to experience some struggle and strain in order to grow. Having gone through the various stages of growth and transformation, you now have a fuller understanding of yourself and Spirit. You have shifted from what you are you going to do to who you are going to be. You have a new perspective (a mental view of aspects of a subject to each other as a whole) and a wider view of how the universe works. You have hope, the feeling of being deeply assured that what you desire is actively coming into existence. Your path is brightly lit from your shining inner light. Nancy Passmore once said, Awareness means participating in your own evolution. When you are aware, you can easily see the many sides of life. You have the capacity to be multifaceted. Just as a crystal reflects the many colors when the light shines on it, so too do we shine when light is put on those parts of ourselves that are hidden.

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