The Pentacles Court Cards of a Tarot Deck

The Page of Pentacles represents a youthfulness that can bear the weight of responsibility on his grounded shoulders. He can manage wealth better than almost anyone else. If this card comes in a tarot reading about an event, he is referring to a material or occupation oriented matter. Good fortune awaits you in one of these areas. If the card refers to a person, it is someone who would be considered an “old soul” or wise beyond their years. They work hard, apply common sense and would never be considered a risk taker. He is the master of seeing an opportunity in the weeds and reaching for it. If there is a team project or a large responsibility around the corner, the Page will provide the strength, energy and insight needed to deal with it effectively.

The Knight of Pentacles is a man of action- but thoughtful action, which isn’t the case with the other knights in the deck. He considers a situation thoroughly before acting but when it comes time to charge forward, he does so with tremendous force. Dedicated, loyal and true to his word this Knight is willing and able to shoulder any amount of responsibility. Persistence could be his middle name. He is a man of tradition and logic and may find himself annoyed by those who would be considered dreamers. He always achieves success with his ethical approach and strength of character.

The Queen of Pentacles is maternal and fertile. Whatever wealth she has was gained through her kind and generous nature. This card can either represent an aspect of self or another person in a tarot reading. Intuition, dedication, love and happiness are what she is devoted to. The weak spot in her facade is that she clings to notions of security. Trust and security are hallmark to her. Material wealth is not a priority. The Queen is often portrayed as a mother, whether she actually has children or not, due to her caring nature and dedication to the home and family.

The King of Pentacles has enough wealth to spread around and does so. This card is representative of another person or a part of the self in a tarot reading. The King encourages others to behave as he has since it obviously turned out well for him. He is true to his word but unlike the Knight doesn’t take on responsibility just because he wants to. The King wants a profit. Intelligence and experience make him a responsible businessman who gets what he wants in a respectable fashion. Like the Queen, he is concerned with security but finds it in the material world. He is dutiful, traditional but adaptable and normally not prone to bouts of temper. If someone deceives him, the punishment will be great. The King is the endpoint of a stage of success, a sign that effort can be suspended and wealth enjoyed for the time being. There is no negativity bogging this success down and the freedom of generosity can be expressed.