The Perfect Bridal Lingerie

It is your most special day, the day you've been most anticipating with your special man. Wedding days make special memories for couples. While preparing for months for that one special day, often times you think it's only the bridal gown that matters most. But no, bridal lingerie should always be on your checklist.

You need undergarments that will fit perfectly under your bridal gown. Weaving the right kind of lingerie on your wedding day will also give that boost of sensuality and sexiness that automatically turns on your man. Here are some few points to remember when choosing the perfect bridal lingerie:

• White is your best choice. Most gowns are white or beige, and you would not want a bright color peeking through. Ivory, cream, rose, champagne and peach are also recommended since they're light colors and will easily match any type of bridal gown. But if your gown is made of sheer fabric, you do not need to wear a bra. Instead, you should have cups sewn in.

• A quick way to hide a flabby tummy is by wearing a corset. It easily tucks you in and contours your waist giving you a flattering shape on your gown. There's also what we call the "bustier" or "basque" piece. It is perfect to wear under a strapless gown and it lifts your bust and tucks your waist. These are perfect shape forms that are perfect for curvy or plus sized women.

• Choose whatever works for you. Choose fabrics that are comfortable and breathable. You'll be wearing it on your most special day so it's best that you choose the undergarment with the "almost bare" feeling. Comfort gives you confidence. When you feel comfortable and relaxed you have less to worry about your wedding day. Silk and cotton fabric lingerie is best to get that relaxed feeling.

• To achieve a smooth figure benefit that gown, try wearing a seamless panty. There are lots of seamless thongs and bandeau bras to fit your strapless or backless gown. However, this may not be sexy on your honeymoon. Change into your sexy lace thongs when the ceremony is over and be sure to entice your man on your special night.

• Create a feel of discomfort on your honeymoon with sheer, lacy, and satin lavish lingerie that will certainly spice up the night. The color red stimulates him and gives a feeling of sensuality and seduction that he can not sure resist.

In choosing the perfect bridal lingerie for you, bear in mind that should be comfortable, sexy, and functional. There are a lot of assortments from laces, sheer, satin and cotton that are reasonably priced in the market.

A perfect wedding is not all about the fancy flowers, extravagant receptions, or long sophisticated gowns. Make your wedding perfect by choosing and wearing the right undergarment. Your special day should not be complete without it. You have found your perfect wedding mate, now it's time to find your perfect wedding lingerie!