The Perfect Mother's Day Champagne Breakfast

A Mother's Day function, which has grown in popularity over the years, is the simple, yet elegant, Mother's Day Champagne breakfast.

It can either be served, to the very important Mum, in the snug comfort of her bed or it can be a more formal affair involving the entire extended family and reputable London catering hire.

Mother's Day in the UK

Traditionally, Mother's Day in the UK is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of lent, a day of temporary reply from the fast. Food, and lots of it, is an obvious ingredient for success on this day, dedicated, centuries ago, to our own Mums, the Mother Church and, in some cases, the Virgin Mary.

The Champagne Breakfast

The simplicity of a Champagne breakfast ensures it can be an informal affair, where the kids take over the responsibility of a sumptuous cook-up or it can be a sophisticated brunch, served at an elegantly set table, with Crisp Matisse, Brocade or Shimmer linen table cloths and napkins, Georgian or Platinum Ring bone china, robust Kings Pattern, Harley or Levite sterling silver cutlery and, of course, the piece de resistance, the finest French Champagne served in Stendhal, Siena or Aquataine Crystal Champagne flutes!

Mother's Day Menu Ideas

Mother's Day menu ideas can range from delectable fresh fruit and yoghurt entrees, or smoothies, served in funky cocktail glasses to freshly baked sweet and savory muffins, croissants or Belgian waffles, stacked up high on silver trays.

Breakfast casseroles, steam steaming hot in oval chafing dishes, or the full breakfast spread of crispy bacon, sausage, eggs done in a number of ways, fried tomato and hash browns, served directly from piping hot Bain Maries, are generally the preferred choice for Mum's first special meal of the day.


Once you've decided on the menu and venue, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty of the logistics. The best way to cover all the bases is to compile a Mother's Day Champagne breakfast checklist:

  • How is the food going to be presented? China hire, cutlery hire, glassware hire, linen hire – check off each item once ordered from a reputable London catering hire company.
  • How will you accommodate guests? Table and chair hire and, if outdoors, do not forget the sunshade, parasol or patio heater in case of a change in the weather.
  • How will you prepare the food? Will it be on a charcoal barbecue, on gas or electric hot plates or on a griddle plate?
  • How will you keep the food warm? Will you hire a Bain Marie, hot cupboard or a heated lamp unit?