The Picturesque Thornhill-Dumfries and Galloway

Thornhill-Dumfries and Galloway is a town in Scotland. The area has an extensive history although the current town was not created until 1714. The town was designed specifically as a staging post for travelers from Glasgow to Dumfries. There are still many 19th century inns that serviced coaching travelers. These are located along the A76.

The main street of Thornhill is very lovely as it is wide and straight. Lining the street are lime trees and beautiful Victorian villas that were constructed from red sandstone from the area. The main historical site is the Mercat Cross. This is a column that has a winged horse all supported by an octagonal base.

A main historic attraction is Drumlanrig Castle. Construction began in 1679. While it is technically a castle it is more of a baroque country house that was fortified. The building is pink due to the red sandstone used. It is an excellent example of grand Scottish architecture. There is a central courtyard with circular towers at each corner of the house. The interior has many examples of French furniture, a very old chandelier, porcelain, tapestries and more. You can also explore the extensive parklands.

The countryside is quite stunning as many artists have made this area their homes. There is a sculpture park at Glenkiln. You can find sculptures created by Jacob Epstein, Rodin and Henry Moore to name a few. There is an excellent guided walk through the sculptures. There are 3 giant arches which is part of the Striding Arches project. You can also experience panning for gold during the spring and summer months in Thornhill.

The New Abbey is a historic spot as you can visit what remains of an old saw mill. This mill is over 200 years old and is still in working order. At the mill are a tea shop and a national museum of costumes. You can also wander through what remains of the Sweet Heart Abbey in Thornhill.