The Pluses and Minuses of Doing Cruise Jobs

Cruise jobs can be fun in many ways, you can make money, but it is also not every one’s cup of tea.So many have a great desire to work on cruise ships, so many more have already done it over the years, with great success, seeing the world meeting people and having great adventures.

Cruise ships jobs can be very rewarding especially if you like being around people and enjoy the interaction. People (the passengers) come on cruise ships to have fun, get away and enjoy themselves. The hours can be very long and tough on you, depending on the cruise job you are doing. Its like pretty much anything in life it is what you put into it, what you get out. Homesickness can be a problem, but you get over it pretty quickly, you are too busy working, having fun and adventures. You find the days can fly you don’t even know what day of the week it is, just when the home port is coming up.

Depending on your cruise ships jobs, most of the jobs are tips/gratuities based, unless you are in an admin job or on a set salary. Tips can be pretty good, especially as the passengers are on the cruise ship to have fun and are relaxed and generally feeling generous. So there is a great opportunity for earning good money, no rent to pay, or food to pay on board. It can set you up, for if you wanted to open your own business one day, but you do need to save, some people tend to go crazy and spend in all the wonderful ports.

Yes cruise employment is not always every one’s cup of tea.

1. If you are constantly seasick and feel like crap.

2. You are not a peoples person and have to constantly deal with people.

3. You do not like confined spaces, small cabins.

4. The discipline that goes with working on cruise ships, the boat drills, cabin inspection and regulations.

If you have always desired to work on cruise ships, imagine one day you look back and think I regret not having tried it. You can even make a career out of cruise jobs, there are loads of opportunities on board for promotion, even changing departments once you are on board.

It can be a wonderful life opportunity, the travel and meeting different people from all nationalities (the crew), it is like a huge life lesson in many ways. The seasickness is not such a problem nowadays with the huge cruise ships out there, they all have stabilisers, but some people still do suffer from that (you get those arm bands etc). At the end of the day it is a huge adventure in more ways than one, think of all those great people you will meet and the wonderful memories you will have.