The Power of a General Benefits Statement

A general benefits statement is similar to an elevator pitch I will explain the difference since we will be covering the Elevator Pitch in an upcoming article.

An elevator pitch is a short statement that will explain your business, one that could be used if you got in an elevator on the ground floor and ran into an old friend who asked what you were now doing. You could give him or her a well rehearsed short statement about what your company does before you arrived at the forth floor, your destination. Thus the name elevator pitch.

A general benefits statement is just what it say’s. It’s a statement about the benefits of doing business with your company and it’s a transition point that opens up the conversation for you to begin the process of selling your product or service.

In a typical sales call we all start of the conversation with some idle chit chat for a few minutes, a courtesy, that helps break the ice but keep this brief. Now comes the uncomfortable part, how do you get from chit chat into the sales call? The answer, a General Benefit Statement.

Example. Thanks for seeing me today. My company works with companies just like yours every day and they find our products or services to be unique and of higher value than they expected, but beyond that they find that dealing with my company is easier and our client services is the best in the industry. I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about your organization and its requirements. The response will most often be ok, now your in. Ask your questions and keep asking until you have uncovered enough evidence that give you the confidence to proceed with your solution.

The secret here is that before you use a general statement, craft it, develop it adjust it then LIC learn it cold. Once you have mastered it and it flows well it will give you all of the confidence that you have an excellent transition too. If you are uncertain and stumble through the delivery it will have the reverse effect.

You may only get one shot with the decision maker so be prepared, Get your GBS general benefit statement down pat and you will see how smooth the transition from the chit chat to the selling is.