The Power of Being a Disruptive Leader

He who masters chaos masters self. She who masters self masters life. When one has mastered life, he has gained significant mastery over change or transformation.

In a world where it is claimed that business is changing faster than ever, it would be a wise choice to develop mastery over change. To gain that mastery is not a matter of living a peaceful life filled with certainty. To the contrary, it is a matter of being able to handle what ever comes at you.

Disruptive leaders are people with the tools to master change. With those same tools, one also develops mastery in innovation.

The most innovative people in history have a hidden secret. Most of them are rarely stuck with the way life “should be”. Nor are they stuck with the belief that “it is what it is”. Innovative people have minds that are open to possibility, even when the path is filled with uncertainty.

To develop the innovator’s mind, it is essential to understand the thoughts that serve as barriers and blind spots. Those are the thoughts that you inherited. They tell you what’s impossible. Or they tell you what you are incapable of doing.

To undo that mindset, it may take a number of counterintuitive steps. Those steps are designed to move you from the existing path you have been living to a path of new possibilities. The challenge is most people believe the path they are on is the right one. The path to new possibilities does not invalidate the existing path. In fact, in many cases, the new path can enhance the existing path.

Another way to look at it is if the existing path could get you to the place you would really like to be, you would be there already. Your existing path will definitely get you to where you are, not to where you are not. To get to a place you’ve never been, may require you to think that which you’ve never thought. Many say that would make you a disruptive leader, even if you don’t have the leadership title.