The Power of Detachment

This principle is also known as the Law of Surrender or Letting Go. The Law of Detachment says that in order for you to acquire anything in the physical plane, you must first give up your attachment to it. This does not mean that you give up your intention or vision, only your attachment to the result.

The Law of Detachment is based on the undeniable belief in the power of Self. People are constantly seeking security. Attachment is based on fear and insecurity, yet so many people equate attachment with security. Attachment is based on scarcity consciousness because attachment relates to the external world, possessions and material things. Here people are searching outside of the Self (external) for security.

In comparison, detachment is based on abundance, wealth consciousness and the freedom to create. The experience of an abundant mind set, allows you to be grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty. Uncertainty is based on belief and faith; it is here that you will find the power and freedom to create whatever you choose, based on your intentions.

People are constantly searching for security, not realizing that you do not search for security, security is in you, it is the Self. The Self is where all security and belief exist and no where else.
Based on the principles of the Law of Detachment, you will find within yourself two powerful realizations; the power for unlimited potential and the power for unlimited possibility. You, are an unlimited spiritual being.

At its core, security is about attachment to what is known, to the past. Detachment lives in the world and wisdom of uncertainty. Many people relate uncertainty to insecurity but this is not true. Uncertainty is the foundation of freedom and pure creativity. Uncertainty is the unknown and the unknown is where unlimited potential and possibilities exist. It is where intention and manifestation live in harmony and unison. It is a powerful state of Being.

Uncertainty is not about the past, which is the known, it is about the power of tomorrow, your future. Do not fear the unknown, rather embrace it, for it is where your visions and dreams will manifest; it is where greatness happens. To live in the world of detachment, you must first embrace the Law of Faith and Intention, as they are one. Together the world of uncertainty that you choose, will be blessed with joy, love, abundance and wealth.

Intend% Attract% Manifest% Detach