The Pressure Cooker

The Kitchen-A flashback:

Bright is the kitchen
Below the curling fumes and dark chimney
With the playfulness of
Dancing fires and murmuring vessel-lids.

The Picture Fades:

Among the gossiping utensils
Flourished a cooking vessel
With an ear-breaking prosaic sound:
"The mistress becomes lunatic!
She carries a new machine with her
With a handle and much space inside "

A stainless steel wept;
"We are about to be dismissed
As we dismissed the muddy ones "

Hearing the 'hot news'
The fire place began to melt
And then it declined.

The Machine in Action:

The pressure cooker smiles
Sitting on a gas stove
And imagining herself as a
Climber of the Himalayas.

The new machine started to shrill out;
"I did not mean any menace
Yet you started pin pointing
The deformity in me! "

How an able-bodied damsel like me
Can be criticized so cruelly?

The novice continued '
"Better you go to the attic
And do take rest for a while
As you need to keep away
From my stemy circular body. "

On the attic stand some
Unlucky 'outdates'
Dreaming of the glorious days
But now have been whitewashed.

Peeping through the air holes
The 'relics of the past' sighted;
Why does hides the pressure of man's appetite?
We are not caring for anyone and anything.
We are revolutionaries,
And we react to the fire
And sometimes extinguishing it.

You dull creation of the Continent!
Be reactive and cease whistling.
Your whistling reminds us
The howling of the dead
On the Judgment Day