The Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven is the Greatest Cooking Tool Since the Crock Pot

Recently I ask my daughter and family to move in with me. To my delight they said yes. In doing so I gain access to my grandsons, two lovely dogs and as a bonus her Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven.

I had never seen one, as I eat very little pizza unless someone else cooks it. The first night my grandson made a couple pizzas and I was hooked. Not only did the frozen pizza taste like take out, I loved the idea of what I could cook with the oven.

In the coming days I tried several of my grilling recipes. I had to do little or no adapting for them to be just as, or even better, tasting as before. Soon I was cooking full dinners on the Pizzazz Oven. If you have one of these amazing appliances, give this recipe a try.

Grilled Chicken Strips

1 lb uncooked Chicken Strips

1/4 cup of virgin olive oil

1 T Mrs Dash [flavor of your choice]

3 large potatoes [washed and cut in 6 wedges each]

2 med tomatoes [sliced]

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

6-8 basil leaves [opt]

There is no need to preheat but you can spray PAM on the surface of the oven.

Using two zip lock plastic bags, divide the olive oil into them. In the first one place your chicken. Zip it shut, using your hands, move the chicken around until each piece is lightly coated. Open the bag and pour in the Mrs Dash, shut and repeat until the chicken is covered in spices. Turn on Pizzazz Oven and begin to lay out your chicken.

In the other bag place your potato wedges and do the same as the chicken. Making sure each piece is coated in olive oil. Place them around the oven, skin side down. You might need some care when placing the food on the oven, you need to keep the surface balanced, to ensure even cooking. The potatoes and chicken will cook about the same time limit, 5-7 minutes depending on their thickness. There is no need to turn them over as the oven heats from both sides.

About two minutes before the first food item are done, you can place the tomatoes on the oven. You may have to move some of the other items around to make room. If you can not find the room for the tomatoes at this time, you can put them on the oven after the potatoes are done. You also might want to use a piece of foil under your tomato slices if they are juicy, it might make a little mess on your counter top.

Place one tomato slice with a couple basil leaves, then sprinkle the cheese on top. Once the cheese has melted the tomatoes are ready to be put on a plate. This meal serves 4 but can be adjusted easily.

All in all, with prep and cooking time, the meal took me about 30 minutes.