The Pros and Cons of School Fencing

There are many different opinions concerning school fencing and the materials that this item should be constructed of. Many taxpayers feel that school fencing is in violation of their rights as taxpaying citizens. Many people feel that without the presence of school fencing the children that attend the classes on that campus are vulnerable to pedophiles and other people that would harm them. There are really good points on both sides of this argument.

School Fencing Pros:

1. School fencing will provide a distinguishing barrier between the areas the children play different games at. It can establish a field for football, baseball, and hockey. It stops the balls from the sporting activity from inadvertently hitting targets they should not have hit, like cars in the parking lot.

2. School fencing reduces the number of acts of vandalism the property is subjected to each year. It also reduces the number of times that thieves break in and steal computer equipment, and things of this nature.

3. A fenced in enclosure provides additional security for the children that attend the classes and provides peace of mind to the parents of those children.

4. Reduces the cost of the liability insurance coverage the school district is forced to carry.

5. Protects the children from being lost, kidnapped, or exposed to people they are better off not being exposed to.

School Fencing Cons:

1. Taxpayers have a right to public property that they pay taxes on

2. Increases the duties of the maintenance staff

3. Increases the duties of the grounds keeping personnel

4. Takes taxpayer dollars to pay for the materials to build these enclosures

5. If not properly maintained the fencing can become dangerous to the children on campus

The biggest point that the people who are against school fencing make is that they are paying for the property and they should have access to it. The fencing material will not prevent you from going to the property and from going on the property. It will cause you to have to check in with some member of the faculty before you go onto the property.

The best point that the people who are against the fencing make is that the materials to construct this enclosure will cost money. They are absolutely right about that. The trouble is that the enclosure provides security to our communities children. There is no way to place a price tag on the safety of a child.

The best point that the people for these enclosures make is that they provide the security to the children and they help the faculty to keep an eye on these children. This includes keeping the children in one place when they are playing their different types of ball. It also keeps the ball from causing damages to other peoples’ property.

It is a fact that we do pay taxes that provide the funding for the public school buildings and properties. It is also a fact that the world we live in has become more dangerous to our young people. The rest of the decision is strictly up o you.