The Pros and Cons of Upper Eyelid Lifts, Eyelash Extensions and Treatments for Wrinkles

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see beautiful eyes framed by thick long lashes and surrounded by smooth taut skin? Or is the reality sparse short eyelashes, sagging eyelids and surrounded by wrinkles? Unfortunately as we get older the latter is what we are more likely to be viewing in the mirror.

If you’ve got plenty of money to spare there are several cosmetic answers to fix eye problems, such as upper eyelid lift surgery, eyelash extension kits, or eye wrinkle treatment. But the drawback with these solutions apart from the cost is that not everyone is willing or enthusiastic about going under the knife, or even undertaking a course of injections.

From personal experience I can tell you those injections for eye wrinkle treatment hurt, no matter how much local anaesthetic cream you put on to numb the feeling. Maybe I have a low tolerance level for pain, but I definitely would not put myself through that again. I could see a marginal improvement after a few weeks but definitely not worth putting myself through that pain for. I didn’t have the Botox injections mine was a natural dermal filler as I felt the Botox sometimes looked a bit fake, but both of these types of eye wrinkle treatments involve injections.

In regard to eyelash extension kits admittedly they can result in an immediate impact with long thick lashes, but they still fall off after a few weeks the same as your ordinary eyelashes. So for a special occasion maybe it’s worthwhile, but having ongoing eyelash extensions is expensive.

Whilst I am on the topic of eyelash extension kits, one other thought to keep in mind is be careful what length you choose. I had a set fitted for special night out and of course wanted to look my best so picked the long dramatic ones, they looked great but what I didn’t realise was that they would drive me mad catching on the top of my eyelids. So in hindsight the effect wasn’t worth the irritation of being so conscious of having them on my eyes.

I can’t give you a personal overview of an upper eyelid lift because I haven’t experienced that, but I would suggest if you are considering this radical step check out your intended surgeon thoroughly, make sure he or she is fully accredited and talk to them first about any concerns you may have. Having an upper eyelid lift is a big step in my book and I would want to be absolutely certain I was in the best hands.

The good news is that you don’t have to have cosmetic surgery, eyelash extensions or painful injections to achieve beautiful eyes there are natural painless and cheap solutions available to all three of these wrinkle, eyelid and eyelash problems, which don’t involve doctors or surgery.