The Purpose of a Scaffold Hoist

Many times I have looked up at a scaffolding tower and thought "How does one get the goods to the top?" The answer; A Scaffold Hoist.

Heavy bricks and machinery along with tools and cabled can be a real drain to be dragging up a tall scaffold tower. This is why the scaffold hoist was invented. Designed to lift loads up to 800kg from floor to site level where operators at the top can unload the goods. This speeds up production time and increases work force productivity tremendously.

Most scaffold hoists are powered with 230v or 110v single-phase power supplies as usually found on most building and construction sites. Accessories such as window props, hoist gantries and wheelbarrow slings can be obtained through a directory as well as brick baskets and cement buckets up to 90 liters and in some cases larger.

The standard height of lift with most powered builders hoists is twenty five to thirty meters in length. This is usually sufficient, however should your application require a larger height of lift the drum of the hoist can typically be extended and a larger length of wire rope added. The end of the wire rope is a snap hook used to lift and secure the load.

Most builders will secure their scaffold hoist using the scaffold pipe clips however sometimes keeping the hoist to a window frame or gantry is necessary, additional accessories are required for this. Remote control options are also available allowing the user to be in a more remote position away from the load, this can be for safety and practicality purposes. All scaffold pipes are rated to 200kg This is why most builders hoists have a maximum capacity of 200kg without otherwise supported by a gantry with a counter weight system (usually up to 800kg).

Should your lifting machine ever brake down spare parts are always available from the supplier of the hoist usually with an existing stock availability to ensure you are never let down.

Manufacturers such as Imer and L'Europea use distributors like Lifting Equipment Store to market and sell their products through their sales networks. These distributors take pride in their customer service and will do their best to supply your exact and safest requirements at the best prices in the industry.

Scaffold hoist and builders hoist products are always shipped with a certificate of conformity to ensure the hoist is fit for purpose.