The Rainbow Bridge – Ways to Remember Your Pet

The poem, “Rainbow Bridge,” describes lush meadows and hills where your pet can play after their passing until the day you are reunited. While this poem has become a favorite among loving pet parents who are dealing with the loss of their cherished companion, there are a few other ways to find comfort during this difficult time. Here are a few unique ways to remember your pet that will help you honor their loyal companionship while keeping their memory strong.

Create a Bookshelf Memorial

Place your favorite pet mementos front and center by dedicating a shelf to them. If you chose pet cremation, then this shelf is the perfect place to display the urn. Keepsake boxes can also be filled with pet tags, collars and favorite toys to provide you with a place to visit when you want to remember the good times you shared.

Pet Food Planter

After your pet has passed, you can create a living garden that is as bright as their wagging tail. Simply fill your pet’s food and water dishes with soil and some cheerful flower blooms. Then, place it near your pet’s favorite resting spot or right by your front door as a reminder of how they always greeted you with love.

Pet Paw Print

Having a print of your pet’s paw is a lovely keepsake that can be used throughout your home. Try framing the print along with a copy of “Rainbow Bridge,” and hang it on your wall. Alternatively, you could turn the paw print into a stepping stone for your outdoor garden. Many families also use the paw print to create holiday ornaments that can be hung with care each year.

Collar Bracelet

Pet collars and leashes can be trimmed down to create an attractive bracelet. For an extra special touch, consider adding their tag to the middle. Then, you can keep your pet’s memory close at hand no matter where you are during each day.

Decorate Their Resting Place

Headstones, grave markers and urns provide mourning pet owners with a physical reminder of their cherished animal. Add flowers, toys and trinkets to your pet’s space that will serve as a gentle reminder that they are in a better place.

Portraits and Photo Albums

Your pet was likely the most adorable animal you ever saw. Show off their beauty even after they are gone by compiling a photo album either with a traditional book or online. Alternatively, you could have a portrait painted using a favorite photo that can then be hung from the wall like the other members of your family.

Donate to an Animal Shelter

Giving to others in your pet’s memory is a great way to manage your loss. Contact the local shelters in your area and ask about any specific needs. Dog food, bedding and cash donations are very appreciated, and you can volunteer to help out if you have some extra time.

Create a Yearly Ritual

Your memories of your pet will last a lifetime, and honoring them on their birthday or the day of their passing each year is a great way to keep their memory alive. Try lighting a candle or going for a walk in their favorite park. Find something that connects the two of you and do it each year.

When a pet passes, it can be hard to handle the loss. Although you will never forget the way they curled up on your lap or greeted you at the door, it is important to find ways to cherish their memory. Whether you choose to showcase their mementos or create a private space to reminisce, your pet will always be remembered.