The Range of Gardening Tools Available

If you have ever been in a home improvement store and strolled past the aisles filled with gardening tools, you will probably understand this. Here are some descriptions of the common gardening tools and their functions.

Shovel or Spade

Every gardener needs a shovel for digging. The most versatile and widely used is the round point shovel. It is used to dig, scoop, or to carry dirt from one point to another. The square point shovel is similar except as the name suggest; the tip of the shovel is flat and straight edged. It is used for leveling large areas and as a scoop for gravel, soil, or snow.

Trowel or Garden Shovel

These are the small shovel tools that you use for scooping out the soil to create holes for planting new flowers.

Gardening Forks

If you are planting a small area or are using planting containers, then you will only need a hand fork. Forks are used for working in tightly planted areas, removing unwanted weeds and for transplanting small seedlings. Forks are also used to loosen and aerate the soil.

If you are going for a larger garden, a garden fork will be necessary. Garden forks are be used for digging and they can also be used for aerating the soil, moving compost and cultivating a garden.

Garden Rakes

Rakes come in many different shape, sizes and material. It is used for picking up leaves and to level the ground. Rakes can also be used to aerate a lawn. Be careful not to use steel garden rakes for raking leaves on your lawn, you will damage your lawn. Use a proper lawn rakes instead.

Garden Hoes

The traditional design of the garden hoe is a long handle with a flat blade set at a right angle at the end. Hoes are used for breaking up the surface soil, building up mounds for vegetables and also for making a seed furrow. They can also be used to chop off pesky weeds and unwanted plants. The pointed corners can also be used as a light duty pick. Pruning shear

Your pruning shears will see a lot of action in the garden. They are used for trimming branches, overgrowth grass and foliage. It is important to buy a pruning shears, which fits your hand well and is easy to operate. There are different types of shears for different functions. For example, do not use a hedge shears for cutting big branches, they are for detailed shaping of hedges only.

Personal Attire and Protective Gears

Finally, do not overlook the importance of proper attire. You will need good work gloves to protect your hands and kneepads to make kneeling more comfortable. Protect your eyes with a pair of safety glasses or face shield when using your string trimmer or pressure washer or when working with any power tools.