The Right Height and Size of Crystal Chandeliers

Knowing the right height and size of crystal chandeliers is very important before you make the purchase. You have to determine the type of lighting fixture you want your homes to have. By knowing some important factors like the height and size, you can always save on the purchase and make the buying process so much easier for you. Here are some ideas on the height and size of crystal chandeliers.

The Perfect Chandelier Height

If you are installing a decorative chandelier, make sure to hang it not too low. The bulbs can create a glare that can be painful to the eyes. Hanging them in spots in your homes depends on the style and dimensions of your crystal chandelier. You can not hang a small small chandelier in large rooms. You always have to think about the sizing so you will know how to hang it on right levels inside your homes.

If your dining area is 8 feet tall, install the lighting fixture 30 to 34 inches above the table. If the ceiling is greater than eight feet in length, you have to shorten the chandelier chain by an extra three inches. Two tier chandeliers can also be used as a replacement. The chandelier should also normally be hung higher if it's a "bowl" style.

You can hold an open umbrella to serve as an example, which is usually as wide as your medium sized bowl chandelier.

The Right Sizing Of Crystal Chandeliers

The proper sizing of crystal chandeliers is also very important to get the right amount of light that is shed in a room. If your room is too big for a lighting fixture, the area could be very dim that corners would be hard to visualize. On the other hand, if the chandeliers are too big, you can get more than the enough amount of light you need which is basically not appealing to look at.

If you want to install a huge crystal chandelier that weighs more than 40 to 50 pounds, you have to install a special ceiling box that can help support the extra weight.

There is no need to spend too much on electricity just to enjoy the beauty of crystal chandeliers. Lighting fixtures that are rated well by energy programs make you save much electricity even if they are too big in size.

Once installed in your ceilings, crystal chandeliers are difficult to reach. Think about how you will clean the chandelier considering its size and location. You also have to look for ways to lower the lighting fixture without damaging any of its parts. Small sized crystal chandeliers usually have this built in feature where cleaning and replacement bulbs is so much easier to do.

Whenever possible, buy crystal chandeliers with a dimmer so you can manipulate the amount of light that is shed in a room. – Crystal Chandelier