The Right To Make It

The right to make it to where you want to go is always earned, not given. I did not mean it is too hard not to be easy. When you are willing, and I do mean genuinely willing, it is genuinely easy. When you are not willing, but want it anyway, it all seems genuinely hard. When your life is something you are willing to pay a price for, you will be willing to earn and earn quite easily with a powerful effort what you genuinely want.

For everyone willing to earn instead of wait for luck or fortune, genuinely conscious effort creates the power to achieve. The catch is that you have to use your efforts somewhat ruthlessly though whatever the obstacles may be. In fact, those obstacles may make you more powerful in every way that counts. Indeed, with more skill you can win more over what may come up in your way.

As you can tell, I did not write this article for beginners at goal achievement and self-direction. I wrote this for people who are sure where they want to go but need a sign or arrow pointing them in the right direction.

Sometimes, the most basic advice is best, especially when you are sure of your goals and objectives, and most of the time overly complicated or complex advice can be detrimental to creativity and goal achievement. After all, we want to get from point to point successfully and simply, not be a “Rube Goldberg complex plan cartoon” that has too many unnecessary steps. Let me put it this way: Strip the steps and get from point “A” to point “B” simply and you will be fine. The ultimate weakness is to make things too complex anyway, the simpler the better.

You know, my Dad once simplified all of my beautiful theory to two words, and I realized what he was saying with that: Direct is best, overly complicated and too many steps that do not work anyway to achieve the goal is the worst. Both ways have the same end in mind, but who will get there first and best? The direct and simple way will get there first and best, and all the “beautifully complex theory” in existence cannot change that. Reality comes down to what you can genuinely get done realistically, not fantastic theory anyway. Indeed, the winner is not the person who comes up with the best looking but unworkable ideal. The winner is the person who does it.