The Rise of Windows 8 and Microsoft

Microsoft is on the rise with the upcoming advent of Windows 8. This article will explain why Windows 8 will begin a renewed Microsoft era.

Windows 8

Microsoft has revamped Windows to bring a touchscreen interface for tablets, PC's, and other touchscreen devices. The interface that Windows 8 is being built around is easy to use and falls in-line with their Windows Phone interface which helps create a unified experience across all of their devices. With a unified experience, consumers can go from their Windows Phone to their PC without any hesitation or learning curve.

The New Era of Windows

Microsoft wants to create a unified experience across all devices; tablets, phones, PC's, and other possible form factors. They have built Windows 8 to be able to run across not only PC's, but also the devices mentioned above. An easier way to understand this is Windows Phone 8 will be built off of the same core as Windows 8. The same also goes for Windows 8 tablets. Think about how Apple's iPhone and iPad are not the same as their Mac computer counterparts. This allows for a seamless experience with many possibilities.

One major advantage that this gives Microsoft and every consumer is more apps. With Windows Phone 8 being built off of the same core as Windows 8, apps built for Windows 8 (which obviously everyone will do and wants to do) can very quickly and easily be ported (turned into) Windows Phone 8. When Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 come out, be ready for a barrage of apps within months.

With the way Microsoft is building Windows 8, you will easily be able to sync your apps, documents, wallpaper, settings, and possibly music and pictures as well. Imagine you having Windows 8 for awhile and have everything set-up just the way you want it. Now, you want to a shiny new Windows 8 tablet or even a Windows 8 laptop [they could even be both in one (see Microsoft Surface tablet)], but imagine having to re-install all of your apps, changing the settings to just the way you want them just like on your other PC, etc. With the way Windows 8 is being built by Microsoft, you now do not have to worry about that anymore. Awesome right ?!

Is the experience on each device good though? Yes, yes it is, and yes it will be. Windows 8 changes the game forever because of the reasons mentioned above, but also because of the way Windows 8 is. It is built around the social, internet world today. There are ways to quickly, easily, and in a new way to share content from websites, send e-mails about the website you're looking at, tweet about the site, etc. in just seconds! Imagine the ease of a tablet, but the productivity of a computer. This is Windows 8, and honestly, I did not even thoroughly understand all of what I'm saying here until I used it myself. Once I used it, I immediately saw what Microsoft's Windows 8 could and will be.

The Rise of Microsoft

Microsoft sees the future of tablets, phones, and other touchscreen devices. This was essential to building Windows 8. Microsoft is not just on the rise because of Windows 8 however. They are on the rise because of their Xbox platform and Zune experience. Xbox is being built with the same Windows 8 interface in mind (called Metro UI). Again, creating a unified experience between all of their devices. With the new Xbox being released next year, will Windows 8 be on it? We do not know yet, but it's a possibility, and to imagine Windows on a video game system surely gets everyone excited. Microsoft is already pushing the possibilties of the Xbox and Windows 8 being together (see ). Imagine renting a movie (from Zune / Windows 8 Movies) on your Windows 8 tablet or PC, but now you're home and wish to watch it on your TV. Well, all you have to do is turn on your Xbox, pause the movie, and click / tap the button to transfer the movie to your Xbox and voilà, your now continuing to watch the movie from where you left left right on your Xbox. Amazing right? There is so much more that Microsoft is putting on the Xbox such as Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, UFC, NFL, NHL, NBA, Xfinity onDemand, Verizon FIOS On Demand, and other TV and movie related apps. Microsoft says they want to take control over your TV. This is yet another way Microsoft is rising.

Microsoft, with their Zune experience, allows you to rent or purchase movies in HD from your Windows 8 device as well as the Xbox. They also offer a robust amount of music (I listen to a lot of underground music, so me to say this is saying a lot) and a subscription plan to go along with it. They are also revamping this area of ​​the business and are experiencing to better compete with iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, MOG, and other music downloading and streaming services ( microsoft-unveils-xbox-music / ).

All of this creates a unified experience that does not force you to sign-up with other services so you can watch movies or stream and download music.


By the end of this year, Microsoft will offer everything I mentioned above; a unified, integrated, and seamless experience across your phone, tablet, PC, and TV that all work together seamlessly. No one currently provides this. Microsoft and Windows 8 will be the first and they are looking to knock the ball out of the park.

For us consumers, this means an easier, quicker, and better experience with all of our devices as well as more possibilities. We can now enjoy our gadgets with integration across one another and leave behind an era in which this was not possible.