The Risks Associated With a Penis Enlarger Pump

Penis Enlargement By The Use Of Penis Pumps

First of all, you should know the fact that penis pumps do not give you permanent results.

The pump, actually named as penis vacuum pump, was initially created for the treatment of impotence.

This is not a permanent enlargement method because the magic is done mechanically. A partial vacuum is created to maintain an erection during intercourse. The blood drawn to the penis will slowly flow out to the body once the pump is released. Usually the penis will stay harder and bigger for around two to three hours.

Using the pump is just like inflating a balloon. When air is pumped into the balloon, it swells. However, once you stop pumping, eventually the balloon deflates (even if you tied it up) because the pressure difference push the air out of the balloon.

Our penis consists of 50% muscle. The pump is not able to alter the status of the muscle. It is only affecting the blood flow. Without extending or enlarging the penile muscle, permanent enlargement results are not possible.

The Basics of Penis Pump

A penis pump consists of a cylinder connected to a pump, either manual or electrical, to create a partial vacuum by suction. The pump has to be attached to the penis when use. The stronger the vacuum, the more blood is drawn from our body to the penis due to the difference in the local pressure.

The hardness of an erection is determined by the amount of blood within the penile region. Thus, a harder and bigger penis is made possible by the use of pumps, in order to treat the problem of impotence and erectile dysfunction.

The Evolution of pumps

As mentioned, the vacuum pump is intended to be a medical device for helping victims of impotence. At the early stages, obtaining the pump required prescription. This is because using pumps to cure erectile dysfunction is not completely risk free (We shall talk about the risk of using penis pumps in the latter section).

As the commercial nature of the device being known, more manufacturers develop its own version and the devices is advertised as sex toys. The pumps are getting easier to obtain, and more injuries are reported since then.

The risks of using pumps

Incorrect use of vacuum pump may cause the following injuries or problems:

  • Discoloration of penile skin
  • Penis bending
  • Blistering
  • Blocking blood flow
  • Damaged semen flow
  • Damaged penile blood vessels
  • Sagging
  • Impotence

Notice the final bullet point. It may worsen your impotence if you use it wrongly!

It is wise to avoid using penis pumps or any vacuum related devices for penis enlargement without doctors' recommendation.

Alternatives to pumps

Penis enlargement is still possible without pumps. An alternative device is developed for the same purpose – Stretching Extender. Stretching extenders are non-surgical devices.

They are carefully designed for safety, while maintaining maximum effectiveness. The extender system is completely different penis pumps. Extenders use traction while pumps use vacuum.

The unique design makes it very controllable in terms of stretching strength, so you do not have to worry about any of the injuries related to penis pumps.

Using a penis stretching enlarger can be described as risk free because of two advantages:

  1. Careful design with maximum safety
  2. Money back guarantee on dis-satisfaction

Since the producers of these devices are so confident of their extenders, most of them offer full refund on dis-satisfaction. This means that you can actually try them for free. Just return them if you do not get the enlargement as described.

Personally I think that is quite attractive, yet promising. If you are serious in having a bigger penis, put your focus to penis extenders and forget about the problematic pumps.