The Rock's Brahma Bull Tattoo – What You Need to Know

"The Rock" is a wrestler turned actor. His actual name is Dwayne Johnson, but he is commonly known as "The Rock". Recently he starred in the movie "The Scorpion King", which was a great hit.He belongs to Samoa, a Polynesian Island. Tattoo carries an important role in the Polynesian Culture.

Therefore, "The Rock" has a big tattoo on his upper left arm and shoulder representing his culture and heritage. He just got another one on his upper right arm. The tattoo is of a big bull's head with scary red eyes. The tattoo of Brahma bull on the body of "The Rock" shows that his sun-sign is Taurus.

The Brahma is a type of cattle. It is used for breeding and in the meat industry. The bulls are really huge in size and can weigh up to tons, yet they are taken as intelligent and gentle creatures. As we know, tattoos show our personalities. Therefore, anyone has a personality which co-relates with that of a Brahma bull should consider going for this tattoo. Also, if your sun sign is Taurus, you should go for the Brahma Bull tattoo. Its size can be as large as we want.

There are a lot of types of Brahma bull tattoo available on the market. You can also get to find them on the net. All you have to do is to browse the correct web-sites. Just go online to a good tattoo gallery and search the category. Remember to choose the best design as this will go to be with you forever. You can add your ideas to the design as well, before finalizing the design with the tattoo artist.

With so many tattoo designs available in the market, it is becoming difficult to choose one for yourself. One has to be a little more imaginative and creative to get the best tattoo design for him.