The Role of a Geophone Motion Sensor in Ghost Investigations

There are several different types of equipment that are used during ghost investigations in order to gather evidence that will assist in establishing proof of ghosts. The most common types of equipment include cameras that take real ghost pictures, camcorders that are used in hopes of capturing true ghost video, and even digital voice recorders and other types of recording tools that are used in order to capture real ghost sounds. Recently, a new piece of equipment has been added to the ghost investigator’s wish list. This device is referred to as a geophone motion sensor.

If you are interested in becoming a ghost hunter and establishing proof of ghosts, it is important to know and understand the role of a geophone motion sensor in ghost investigations. This type of tool works by converting energy that is considered to be seismic in nature into voltage that is electrical based. In other words, it takes vibrations that are in close proximity to the device and converts it into data that can actually be measured and recorded. When translating the word “Geophone”, it actually means “Earth Sound”. This device takes the overall velocity of the vibrations that it picks up on and then transfers those vibrations into an electrical based signal.

Inside of the geophone motion sensors that are used during ghost hunting investigations, there is a spring coil that is held in place in a mounting fashion. When it is introduced to a magnetic field, it starts to move. The coil that is contained near the spring remains stationary, but the vibrations continue to travel through the device and the overall inertia results in the weak or the strong signal that is recorded due to the seismic activity that is near the unit. There are typically lights contained on the ghost hunting device that will assist in alerting a ghost investigator that vibrations are occurring within a given area.

Individuals that conduct a ghost study in locations where unusual phenomenon such as unexplained noises, the sounds of footsteps, and any type of vibration has been previously experienced will typically place a geophone motion sensor in these areas as well as a digital recording device that is able to capture photos and video images. Not only will vibrations be picked up, if the supposed spirit that is causing the seismic activity has a high level of energy, the ghost hunter may be able to successfully pick up images such as rods, orbs, and even apparent apparitions associated with the seismic activity. If you are interested in establishing proof of ghosts during ghost investigations, the geophone motion sensor is a must have piece of ghost hunting equipment.