The Secret to Beating Premature Ejaculation That Every Man Must Know Or Be Doomed to Failure in Bed

The Secret To Beating Premature Ejaculation and How To Have Sex For As Long As You Want! 

Today begins a rather long but really good segment on the many “ins and outs” (if you will pardon the pun) of premature ejaculation and mastering the art of sexuality. My first series of articles covered the arts of sexual arousal and orgasm — a very important area of study that leads to unholy sexual power over the women in your life.

The next few newsletters will talk about some of the more problematic areas both men and women face in realms of sexuality. Today’s article deals the problem of

How to control my ejaculation and be able to have intercourse for as long as you want.

Every man whether they consciously realize it or not wants to be the “ULTIMATE ” male figure in his woman’s world, and of course part of being “THE” Man is the ability to last long enough to sexually satisfy your woman.

Parallel to the desire of lasting longer during sex,  of course is the rabid need most men have to give women the best orgasms possible, a worthy endeavor, and one I highly support. As a result many guys ask me about how to stimulate a woman’s G-Spot during actual intercourse.

The Ever Elusive G-Spot, for those of you who are not familiar with the G-spot. This particular sexual hot spot was named after the man who first brought it to public attention many years ago – Ernst Graphenburg. The Graphenburg spot or “G-spot” as it is commonly known is a small area just inside the vaginal opening on the roof of the vagina. This highly enervated ( meaning densely packed with nerve endings) is a major source of erotic pleasure when stimulated properly.

The key word here is “properly.”

When it comes to the G-spot, most guys have no clue how to find the thing much less how to use it.

We can fix that

While it it definitely possible to stimulate a woman’s G-spot during intercourse; I highly recommend you use other methods of sexual stimulation first, and especially if you want to do it during penetration, i.e. intercourse.

As I have said in the past one of the reasons I love my job so much is because I actually get to sit around all day thinking about sex, researching sex and field testing… well…lots and lots of Sex!

Easily one of the most often asked questions I get is about how to conquer the problem of pre-mature ejaculation, or simply last longer with a woman.

I get this question so often that I really feel the need to discuss this issue in a public forum because many guys have a huge misconception and are often confused about what pre-mature ejaculation really is and what it is not.

Pre-mature ejaculation is an abnormally short amount of time between the insertion of the penis and actual ejaculation. Note the key word here is ‘abnormal” so before we can deal with the concept of abnormally short we first need to define what is actually normal.

You see most guys think that any time they ejaculate before their woman does that they are suffering from premature ejaculation or lack of ejaculation control…

Boy is this ever a huge misconception for a number of reasons.

In most true cases of premature-mature ejaculation as defined by the medical profession – a man may not even achieve a full erection before ejaculating. Interestingly according to the medical profession Premature Ejaculation is actually considered a form of impotence.

The plain truth is most men who claim they are suffering from premature ejaculation are usually suffering from a form of sexual hyper-arousal, or a lack of sexual arousal on the part of the woman!

Now you may be asking “What the heck does a lack of sexual arousal on the part of my woman have to do with my ability to keep from ejaculating too quickly during intercourse?

Well to be honest… just about everything.

Answer this question. Isn’t the primary reason you want to last longer in the sack so that you can get your woman to climax i.e. achieve sexual orgasm?

C’mon be honest.

Most men just do not feel like they have done their job unless they can get their woman to have an orgasm first and let’s face fact, unless you have been living under a rock, and completely missed the sexual revolution, you grew up being fed the idea that a real man can easily give any woman an orgasm and if you can’t then your simply NOT a real man…



Talk about pressure!

But wait it gets worse…

You see most normal men are in fact incapable of lasting long enough to bring their woman to orgasm during vaginal intercourse for reasons we will discuss later.

But they don’t know that.

If you were to ask most men they would tell you that they want to have their orgasm as soon as possible. But if a man climaxes/ejaculates before he can bring his woman to orgasm then of course he hasn’t lived up to his (or her) expectations as a man.

But if what I said is true and the average man is actually incapable of lasting long enough to satisfy the average woman during vaginal intercourse (and of course these men are NOT suffering from a pathological form of premature-mature ejaculation)… what is the real problem?

A. Too much sexual arousal on the part of the man

B. Not enough sexual arousal on the part of the woman

So what is the cause of too much sexual arousal in men?

Well there are several really, but I am only going to talk about one basic type due to space constraints and it can be summed up in one basic sentence…

Most men do not get enough sex!

Men who have sex on a regular basis tend to last much longer than men who don’t.


Well you can sum it up in one word… desensitization.

You see guys who have more sex aren’t usually operating from a physical or mental state of sexual starvation.

Think about it this way, if you were starving for days or even weeks in some barren wilderness with miles to go without food and you met someone who offered you a hamburger would you daintily pluck little tiny pieces from the bun or would you more than likely gulp it down in just a few hunger crazed seconds?

I think we both know the answer… don’t we?

You would devour that food like a hyperactive vacuum cleaner sucking dust bunnies off the carpet!


Because your body has dire need something and the prospect of having that need satisfied completely takes over your mind and body causing you to wolf down that burger like there is no tomorrow …

We could call that intense overriding hunger a form of hyper-arousal.

Now suppose that same guy who just gave you the first hamburger now offered you a second hamburger … how long would it take you to eat it?

Would you still take just a few seconds to eat the food?

Probably not, you would more than likely eat this burger much slower than the first one by comparison but because you are still hungry you would still tend to eat it faster than someone who gets fed on a regular basis would you not?


Well the answer is pretty obvious you’re simply not as hungry. Your body isn’t as starved for nourishment and the overriding genetically programmed biological necessity to fill that void isn’t nearly as overpowering.

Now does that mean you aren’t hungry any more?


Does it mean you will never get hungry again?


It simply means that the overriding sense of urgency that makes you lose control and compels you to feed yourself to the exclusion of all else, isn’t nearly as overpowering anymore, and the more times you “eat” the less power the man with the hamburger has to control you through your hunger and the more control you have over your own mind and body.

Well a very similar process occurs with men who suffer from a lack of regular sexual contact with a woman. When the average man is presented with the opportunity to have sex with a woman the overriding sexual starvation and need for sexual contact they experience is so overpowering that our hapless, well-meaning, good- intentioned hero simply climaxes at the very first opportunity, or in many cases after an extremely short amount of sexual stimulation.

So what is a poor fella to do?

Well the obvious answer is… Have more sex!

But of course that more often then not is the biggest problem for guys isn’t it?

It’s a sort of catch 22 because the only way most guys can keep having sex on an ongoing basis is to make sure to please his woman to the point where she always wants sex with him, which of course, ideally, means giving her lots of orgasms during intercourse.

But of course when the average sexually starved man tries to use his penis to pleasure his fair lady… well… sadly…

“Pop goes the weasel!” would be a gross understatement, because invariably most men will reach sexual climax long before his woman does… Which of course leads us to the second biggest problem with perceived lack of ejaculatory control and/or premature ejaculation in men. But this isn’t really because of a physical or physiological abnormality in the man himself but rather a lack of understanding, knowledge and skill.

That’s it for today, I always welcome your questions and comments. You are cordially invited to visit my blogs by clicking on the links below.

Until Next Time!

All the Best.

David Van Arrick