The Secret to Building Solid Muscle Mass

Are you looking for the most efficient, insanely fast and effective way to build muscle mass? If like me you have scoured the internet reading contradicting advice from a variety of different sources then you may be confused as to what path to follow!

The secret is there is no secret. Let me say that again, there is NO SECRET to this! No magic pills, no secret formulas, no special shortcuts. Building muscle mass takes hard work, time and discipline. If your not the kind of guy who can motivate himself to get to the gym at least 3 times a week, come rain or shine, regardless of what mood your in or how you feel then forget it! This take dedication, real dedication, you will have to force yourself to hit the gym even when you don’t feel like it, you will have to discipline your self to eat the right food at the right times – nutrition is in my opinion by far the most difficult to get right, its 24/7. You do not get a break you must be getting your nutrition right 90% of the time or you will fail. Now this all might not sound very positive or motivating but what I am trying to impress upon you guys (and girls?) is realistic expectations of what it takes to succeed, I do not want anyone to commit themselves to any goal with out the proper mindset or knowing what there are going into.

I promise you if you follow the three golden rules set below you will consistent and slowly over time build and maintain at least 1lb of muscle mass per week. They are:

1. Build the habit of consistently hitting the gym at least three times per week, regardless of ANYTHING!

2. Eat the right kind of food at the right kind of times.

3. And thirdly and possible least important of the three, proper supplementation. I personally only use creatine and whey protein shakes as I find this is all I need, you may be different. Experiment to find what works for you but don’t be fooled by glossy advertising campaigns, you do not need SUPER GATOR 2000 or any of the other latest gimmicks to build solid muscle mass. Just follow the 3 golden rules and you will see results!